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During the past few years, GDI Consulting has achieved a track record of winning proposals showing our capabilities and expertise in this business. With over $6 billion worth of proposals and grants won and over 160 successful multi-million dollar proposals and grants, you can be sure that you are putting your money in the right place. Our technical writing and government document preparation capabilities are also outstanding.
Let the numbers speak:

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Multi-Million Dollar Proposals & Grants Won
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Value of Proposals and Grants Won
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Grants and Technical Proposals

Endless Possibilities: The Only Government Proposal Writing Company You Need

With GDI Consulting’s vast experience and its proven track record of successful government bids, proposals and effective grant writing services, your company can concentrate on executing the awarded contracts, instead of spending time tackling the obstacles in the bidding process. In fact, leave the bidding process to us and we will take care of your Government proposal/grant writing from cradle to grave!

Effective Government Proposal Writing Services

GDI Consulting’s services take you from the bidding stage all the way to the execution and delivery stage of your projects. From Government Bids and Proposal writing to grant development and management, we are there to listen to our clients and integrate their requests into our proposal writing services on a regular basis. Our company is not only built by us, but also by our clients. Contact our expert Government proposal writers now!

Proposal Services

GDI Consulting provides outstanding proposal writing services for Government contracts and grants,higher education, and other sectors with a very high win ratio.

Proposal Services

Reliable, Winning, On-the-Point, On-Time


Capture Management

We provide capture management services to companies who want to ensure a successful bidding stratgy with maximum efficiency in time and energy resources.

Capture Management

Leave the bidding process to us and concentrate on your project execution.


Grant Writing

GDI Consulting provides outstanding grant development services for Federal, State, and Foundations grants for non-profits as well as businesses with a 78% win-rate.

Grant Writing

Let us prepare your grant proposals on time and with quality.


Staff Augmentation

Whether you need one person with specific skills or a complete team, contact GDIC—we are here to help you succeed.

Staff Augmentation

GDIC offers a range of business capture services that larger businesses can use on an as-needed basis to augment their in-house capabilities.


Color Team Reviews

An effective Red Team Review can change a losing proposal into a winner. Let GDIC help guide this critical review for the best results.

Color Team Reviews

GDIC, as part of her proposal experience, has extensive experience in achieving maximum value from proposal reviews.


Market Assessment

Market intelligence should be a key component of a company’s growth strategy.

Market Assessment

GDIC can assist in this critical market analysis, including how to obtain good intelligence on competitors, the value of similar contracts, and developing a strategy to drive up your P-Win.


Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSB)

WOSB Federal Contracting Program was created in order to increase the number and types of trades that Women-Owned Businesses could compete in.

Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSB)

By law, the Federal Government is required to award a percentage of all contracts to qualified WOSBs, and WOSBs automatically receive evaluation preference over competing non-WOSBs.


SDVOSB/VOSB Set-aside Programs

SDVOSB & VOSB programs exist to help the veteran population create business opportunities after their active service has expired.

SDVOSB/VOSB Set-aside Programs

Many of our staff and consultants are veterans themselves and can help you find, select and win such opportunities.


8(a) Business Development

The SBA 8(a) program is designed to help disadvantaged small business owners compete for contracts they may not otherwise qualify for.

8(a) Business Development

Get the most out of your 8(a) status. Contact GDIC today to see how we can help build your business. 


Let The Numbers Speak, See Our Performance…

Just a sample of successful proposals:

IT – Engineering – Defense:

  • ARMY – Global Intelligence – $7.2 Billion

  • ARMY – ITES-3H IDIQ – $5 Billion

  • NAVY – NGEN IDIQ – $3.5 Billion

  • NAVY – Seaport-E IDIQ – $26 Billion

  • AIR FORCE – NETCETNS 2 – $5.2 Billion

  • DISA – GNS IDIQ – $4.3 Billion

  • GSA – SaaS Email BPA – $2.5 Billion

  • GSA – STARS II GWAC – $10 Billion

  • DHS – CDM-CMAAS IDIQ – $6 Billion

  • HHS/NIH – CIO-SP3 GWAC – $20 Billion

  • TREASURY/IRS – TIPSS-4 – $4 Billion

  • NASA – SWEP V – $20 Bilion

Management and Professional Services:

  • ARMY – DLITE II – $9.8 Billion

  • AIR FORCE – CFT IDIQ – $11.4 Billion

  • DoD – DS TATS – $3 Billion

  • GSA – OASIS GWAC – $60 Billion

  • GSA – HCATC GWAC – $5.7 Billion

  • DHS – PACTS II – $1.5 Billion

  • HHS/CMS – UPIC IDIQ – $2.5 Billion

  • STATE – WPS 2 IDIQ – $26.2 Billion

  • USAID – SWIFT IV – $2.5 Billion

  • HUD – FSM M&M 3.8 – $1.8 Billion

  • ENERGY – ESPC IDIQ – $1 Billion

  • DOT/FAA – eFAST MOA – $7.4 Billion

Construction – Environmental – BOS:

  • ARMY/USACE – MHS MATOC – $900 Million

  • ARMY/USACE – ECIP MATOC – $600 Million

  • NAVY/NAVFAC – AEC MACC – $500 Million

  • NAVY – GBS Areas II-IV – $750 Million

  • AIR FORCE – WE&C IDIQ – $950 Million

  • AIR FORCE – AFCAP IV IDIQ – $5 Billion

  • USAID – REPLACE IDIQ – $700 Million

  • USAID – A&E II IDIQ – $600 Million

  • STATE – AFRICAP – $1.5 Billion

  • VA – AEC VISN 19 MATOC – $600 Million

  • GSA – CMc D-B IDIQ – $1 Billion

  • NASA – Stennis IDIQ MAC – $700 Million

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Read On… See What Our Clients Say About Us

GDI Consulting has worked for countless private and public institutions. The level of satisfaction is inherent in the words, although the numbers above speak for themselves.

What Our Clients Say About Our Performance Excellence…

Read what our clients think about us:

”Your work has changed our company’s future forever.”

“Your outstanding proposal allowed our JV to compete with giants such as Bechtel and Flour and win a piece of the pie for very large scale construction projects. Your 700+ page proposal certainly deserved the $1.3 billion MATOC contract that was awarded to our JV and I can certainly say that your work has changed our company’s future forever.” – Michael Suns, Construction Director, BAC JV

Since I hired you for my company’s proposal writing needs, the number of contracts that I have been awarded has tripled. With your meticulous attention to details in the proposals you have written for my company and the resulting contracts I am indeed convinced that I have put my money in the right place.

James McAlester, CEO, Advanced Constructors International
We were indeed at a loss as to how to write a winning training proposal for such a large bid ($250 million MATOC) but your company showed patience and diligence and worked with us to create the proper proposal. Your expertise certainly showed off. I certainly recommend you to any company in the training realm that needs proposal writing.
Ken Srella, Program Manager, SSG
I am really surprised by how you turned around this project 1000 times over from a failing project to where it is now, after you were brought in by the Contractor. Your design management service is outstanding and the Primavera schedule is looking good too and we certainly look forward to have you around on our projects.
Col. Chris Marttin, Commander, AED North, USACE

I just wanted to thank you for the energy and time you put in the preparation of my PhD thesis. I can tell that it was certainly a hard task. I had gone to two other companies before you but since my thesis included a lot of specialties such as software engineering, mechanical engineering as well as linguistics, neither of them could take on this project. You on the other hand worked with me to prepare my dissertation and even prepared me for my dissertation’s oral defense presentation. Wonderful job.

Jennifer Zuchini, PhD in Linguistics
On behalf of the faculty of the National Polytechnic College of Science, I would like to thank Beth and GDI Consulting for the document management services you provided to our University. Your thorough examination of the requirements, proper attention to document preparations, proofreading and editing of the University documents, and your help in the preparation of the academic documentation all allowed us to have a smooth start for this academic year. I am certainly going to recommend using your services for the next academic year as well.
Christina Hernandez, Academic Documents Manager, National Polytechnic College of Science

Join Our Satisfied Clients in the Private & Government Sectors!

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“A Company You Can Put Your Trust On.”

Since 2009, GDI Consulting has been providing proposal and grant writing services to companies, institutions and agencies throughout the country with special expertise in Government and Higher Education sectors. We have also provide contract management (including plans, designs, reports and general document management) to our Clients. Lastly our extensive experience has allowed us to help public bodies, both from the Federal Government down to local state governments, in their document management needs.

Our Company is comprised of talented capture managers, proposal and grant writers, and graphic artists who can provide a full set of services to our clients without the need of any third party interaction. Each client is assigned an account manager who will work with the client in all phases of the project, ensuring close communication and proper understanding of the requirements is established. We are always there when you need us and work 24/7 to ensure timely delivery of the documents.

Our #1 priority is you, the Client. We believe in the quality of our services and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about our clients’ requirements as much as they do, which is why we offer a truly professional service. We see each project as a challenge to us and strive to show our best capabilities and qualities in each and every document we prepare. That is why our clients stay with us and use our services on a recurring basis.

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