7 Tips on How to Write a Professional Government Proposal

Securing a lucrative federal contract can be quite a difficult process, yet a very intriguing at the same time. In the light of fierce competition, preparing a compelling and persuasive response to a government request for proposal is a must. To aid you in the process of writing a Winning Proposal, we have listed some basic tips that will help you develop a convincing project.

  1. Organize Your Ideas

The first step after identifying the contract that you want to pursue is to begin your preparations. Don’t wait for the final RFP release to start analyzing the opportunity you’re willing to bid for. Read the draft solicitation well and make an outline of your main ideas. Structure well the matters you’re going to address, include your probable solution and secure the resources you need to support these ideas. Well-planning of every detail including time and budget, as well as organizing your winning strategy early in the process can impressively impact your future success.

  1. Gather Valuable Information

Intelligence is key to a promising project; otherwise, you’ll end up submitting a meaningless and unworthy product. You need to collect valuable information about the protagonist of your story, your customer. Knowing who you’re dealing with can help you develop an appropriate strategy that fits their internal policy, meets their demands and needs.

Besides that, the other important character you also need to know well is the antagonist of your story, who happens to be too many in this particular one. Though they may not be evil, they’re very fierce, that’s for sure. You guessed it, it’s your competitors. Intelligence will give you insights about their activities, a position to win the contract, and help you gain competitive advantage.

  1. Understand and Address the Solicitation Requirements

You have already made 70% of the work until the final RFP is released. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that the solicitation has not undergone any major change. Read every section of the RFP; understand well what the Government is asking for. Then, design your solution by addressing each section particularly.

  1. Concise and Brief

Language use is very important, too. Be brief, concise and get to the point without beating around the bush. Make it easy for the decision makers to understand your intentions and solution. Explain your competences and business skills shortly but in a compelling and persuasive way.

  1. Focus on Statement of Work, Solution and Price

Pay special attention to these sections of the RFP solicitation: Statement of Work, Solution and Pricing. Address them properly by giving supporting evidence for your solution. Establish a price to win. Make sure to estimate all your expenses and set the price based on a realistic approach.

  1. Be compliant

Compliance is something that decision makers value. The main reason that proposals are refused is due to not following the instructions given in the solicitation to prepare the proposal. Stick to the required style and format by addressing each section appropriately.

  1. Assign a Professional

We know that running a successful business and focusing on core activities that actually generate your revenues leaves little to no time for anything else. That’s why we urge you to consider professional assistance when it comes to responding to a Federal RFP. Their experience in the Federal contracting world can avoid unwanted mistakes and implement win themes that can absolutely improve your winning chances. Real professionals can help you overcome unknown challenges and deal with real issues.

Prepare Your Proposal

You’re the one that best knows your business capabilities to accomplish the job demanded in the contract. However, preparing a successful proposal requires additional skills and in-depth knowledge of government procurements. Nevertheless, with our key tips on how to write your proposal you will be well on developing a successful project.

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About the Author:

Ab Vand has more than 25 years of proposal writing and capture management experience on government contracts especially in defense, construction, and IT sectors. Ab has a track record of writing over 100 successful proposals for above $1 million contracts. Ab is currently the VP of Capture and Proposal Development at GDI Consulting, a well-established firm on proposal writing and contract management. Ab has written a number of articles on proposal writing and capture management, and regularly holds training courses for companies and individuals on ways to improve their winning chances.