IT Federal Opportunities for FY 2018

Every year, the Federal Government distributes funds through federal contracts and grants for professional services and supplies. According to the report published by Deltek, for the FY 2018, Federal agencies are going to award 314 billion dollars for Top 20 Business Opportunities in various industry sectors. As stated in the report, Defense Opportunities cover 71% of the total FY 2018 contracts leading in value and number.  Four of the top opportunities, totaling in 43.2 billion dollars will be awarded in the field of information technology.

Department of Justice

FBI Information Technology Supplies and Support Services
The Department of Justice is buying Information Technology Supplies and Support Services (IT-SSS) for:

  • FBI Criminal Justice Information System
  • Communication System Service

The awarded contracts of FY 2010 are foreseen to expire in the end of the fiscal year of 2018; therefore the solicitation dates of the contracts will be on March 2018 and awarded on September of the same year. Based on the current FBI IT-SSS multi-awards, it is predicted that the IQ/ID value will be 30 billion dollars. It is important to note that the solicitation of the current contracts was particularly provided to pre-determined contractors by the FBI.

Department of Defense – Army

Global Tactical Advanced Communication Systems and Support Services
Global Tactical Advanced Communications Systems (GTACS II) and Services on information technology are continuously required by various federal agencies of DoD, including the Department of Army. As estimated by the Government, the solicitation date will be on January 2018, whereas the award’s date on December 2018, valued at 5.1 billion dollars in total. The solicitation includes, a small business set aside competition arena as well as an unrestricted, full and open range, as yet, subject to confirmation. Opportunities will be awarded based on value, technical factor, and past performance.

Department of Defense – Army

Global Solutions Management Operations II (GSM-O)
The Defense Information System Agency of DoD has continuing requirements for (GSM-O). This procurement foresees solutions within the following requirement areas:

  • Network Operation, Administration, and Maintenance;
  • Contingency and Emergency Response Support;
  • Continuity of Operations Support;
  • Network Assurance;
  • Network Enhancement Services;
  • Joint Force Headquarters (JFHQ) – DoDIN Operations Support;
  • DECC Operations, Maintenance and Sustainment support.

According to the Government’s estimation, the solicitation date will be on November 2017; whereas as estimated by Deltek, the award date will be in September 2019, valued at 4.6 billion dollars.

Department of Defense – Navy

Next Generation Enterprise Network – Re-compete (NGEN-R)
The Department of Navy, PEO EIS, and NGEN PO continually requires for contractor-provided services as part of the larger Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) procurement, focusing on:

  • End-user hardware;
  • Productivity services;
  • Cloud delivery;
  • Transport;
  • Service management and integration;

The stated in the report, the solicitation date is on January 2018, and the award date in January 2019, valued at 3.5 billion dollars. It is a Small Business Set-Aside competition, full, open and unrestricted.

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