PEO (U&W) IDIQ/MAC- “Terminator” in the making

Well, all those in my age remember Terminator, the 1984 science-fiction action film directed by James Cameron. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator, a cyborg assassin sent back in time from 2029 to 1984. The PEO (U&W) IDIQ/MAC reminds me of that fiction to some extent.

Program Executive Officer (PEO), Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons (U&W) Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite-Quantity Multiple Award Contract (IDIQ/MAC) is a unique opportunity for high tech competent small businesses that dear to set off the frontiers.

PEO (U&W) IDIQ/MAC is being issued on a competitive, 100% Small Business set aside basis and utilizes the North American Industry Classification Code System (NAICS) code 541330 which has a small business size standard of $38.5M.

The Government expects to award IDIQ Multiple Award Contracts (MACs) as a result of this solicitation to support the Program Executive Officer for Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons (PEO(U&W)). The Government will award an Unmanned Systems IDIQ/MAC and a separate and distinct Weapon Systems IDIQ/MAC, hereafter referred to as (U) and (W). Offerors may propose under the (U) MAC, the (W) MAC, or under both the MACs. Separate proposals and supporting documents for each MAC are required.

Task Orders will be competed under the (U) IDIQ/MAC and the (W) IDIQ/MAC. Each TO may use different evaluation criteria from what is used for the evaluation and award of the (U) and (W) MACs.

The total not to exceed maximum dollar value (ceiling) for all Task Orders placed under the Weapon Systems MAC is of $210,710,000.00 and the total not to exceed maximum dollar value (ceiling) for all Task Orders placed under the Unmanned Systems MAC is of $205,561,000.00.

It is anticipated that there may be requirements for access to classified information by Contractors under the (U) and (W) MACs. The highest security levels that may be required by the Contractor to perform on individual TOs under this contract are up to a TOP SECRET Facility/Personnel Clearance with a SECRET safeguarding capability.

The good thing is that these security requirements will not be a condition for basic contract award. All classified task orders will require a facility security clearance issued by the Defense Security Service (DSS). Contractor personnel shall be required to have a security clearance at the level required for each specific task order. The security classification and guidance of classified task orders will be specified in the Contract Security Classification Specification DD Form 254, to be provided when required at the Task Order level. Unclassified task orders do not require a facility clearance issued by DSS, nor a DD Form 254.

The proposal is structured in three volumes; VOLUME 1: GENERAL REQUIREMENTS, VOLUME 2:  TECHNICAL, and VOLUME 3:  COST/PRICE PROPOSAL.
The major challenge in preparing the proposal for this effort lies in volume 2, where offerors are required to fill in and submit a self-scoring sheet (Attachment L-1 and L-2 in RFP documents for the 2 MACs) along with supportive documents.

The Offeror shall submit Attachment L-1 and L-2 as part of complete and separate proposals if proposing under both the Unmanned and Weapon Systems IDIQ/MAC.

The Offeror shall provide Relevant Experience Projects for similar programs/contracts. A  MAXIMUM of five (5) Experience Projects for each MAC Self-Scoring Worksheet is allowed.

The submitted Relevant Experience Projects must meet the following minimum conditions:

  1. Each project must have included the performance of program management support services.
  2. Each project must be ongoing or have been completed within 7 years from the date proposals for this solicitation is due. Each project must have a minimum of three years of performance.
  3. No Individual Project Value shall be less than $2 Million.
  4. The Offeror’s Relevant Experience Projects may have been performed as a Prime Contractor or as a Principal Subcontractor

I will provide more details on how to master this challenge in a following article published soon; stay tuned.

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