Proposal Team Structure and their Roles

Preparing proposals for Federal Request for Proposals can have a number of persons that work on them. The number of proposal team structure varies depending on the company, or the complexity of the contract. Large contracts can have up to 20 professionals working on them, sometimes even more.

However, we’ll introduce you to the most important members of a proposal development team, their key roles and the value they communicate through a compelling response to an RFP.

Essential Proposal Development Teams

Capture manager, together with its team, is accountable for business development methodologies and effort used to capture best contracting opportunities. They must ensure that proper support will be available whenever the company needs it. They contribute to the development of the proposal plan, by implementing best practices and coordinating the leads priory identified and qualified by the business development team. They collaborate with the proposal manager who supervises the procedures of proposal development. In addition, they ensure that the right intelligence is collected to help the company make strategic decisions.

Proposal Manager coordinates the proposal plan and controls proposal coordinators and production managers. By implementing best proposal processes and planning, proposal manager delivers the information needed to the technical writing team to produce a winning response. Is responsible to decide upon and direct schedules, plans, deadlines, and progress monitoring. Besides, PM builds the proposal outline and compliance matrix; guides and advises the proposal personnel, and enables additional resources; supervises all proposal activities.

Proposal Coordinator administers proposal processes by ensuring high-quality configuration management; related resources; prepares reports related to the proposal development process. Tracks the status of the project development and makes sure that deadlines are met.

Subject Matter Experts improve the quality of proposal by providing specialized expertise to support the proposal writing team and improve the technical approach to project development.

Technical Writers write the content and define illustrations to be used for the proposal. They implement proposal strategies, technical features, and benefits, win themes, discriminators, use other information gathered from intelligence and incorporate them into proposal sections.

Review Teams

Review Team Members are assigned different sections of the proposal to review. They have a very important role and absolutely improve the quality of a proposal. They’re responsible for reviewing the documents for compliance, checking if the solution is clear and properly presented, using proposal win themes and discriminators, reviewing graphics, illustrations and the layout of the draft, ensuring that documents are error free and each solicitation section is adequately addressed.

Once again, depending on the company and the complexity/volume of the RFP, the number of review teams that work on a proposal differs.  The most important team is Red, followed by Pink, Gold, etc.

Graphic Artists design proposal illustrations. They’re responsible for ensuring compliance with RFP solicitation by following the required instructions, achieving visual consistency, and completing the job in time.

Desktop Publishers ensure that formats and typographic styles are compliant with the RFP, and enable appropriate integration of the content and graphics into the final copy of the proposal.

It is well worth the effort to outreach well-structured companies to help you develop successful proposals.



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Pierre Giroux is a business development leader focused on Strategic Federal Opportunities. He leads bid and capture teams focused on Federal Government programs.