The Government highly evaluates the contribution that small businesses make for the economy of the United States. For this reason, the Federal Government strives to meet its annual goal and award 23% of all federal contracts to businesses that are categorized within Small Business Administration (SBA) Set-Aside Program. They strongly encourage small businesses to position themselves to compete with large corporations for prime contracts.

The SBA program was designed with the aim to educate small businesses about their opportunities to become government contractors in order to facilitate them with the competition process. This article will enlighten you about the factors that help you prepare a compelling and persuasive technical proposal, and briefly explain the main phases of the Federal Contracting process.

The Technical Factor – Remember that your proposal is evaluated based on your ability to demonstrate that you comprehend the statement of work and the technical part of the RFP. You need to reflect this fact in your proposal and make sure to provide quality over quantity.

Past Performance –   Past performance is an important factor in the evaluation process of your solution. Contracting officers make a research to validate that you have provided authentic facts about your past performance for other customers. Therefore, have a realistic approach when addressing this factor.

Past Experience – Experience in a previous similar project is an important factor that can help you position as a winner. Keep in mind that every aspect that affects job performance will be evaluated, including your proposed team, team size, and the number of technical personnel.

Quality Assurance – Decision makers will carefully assess the way you have presented your quality assurance approach. They will check if you have properly identified processes, procedures, and metrics you’re going to use to gather data and demonstrate how the project is progressing.

These are some of the factors that you need to consider while preparing your proposal. Make an outline and a checklist to ensure that all of them are accurately and properly addressed in your response, and nothing is missed out in the surge of different fires that need to be extinguished in daily tasks of ongoing projects.