Agile Cyber Technology 3

The Air Force Research Laboratory, Information Directorate, Rome NY (AFRL/RI) has a requirement to perform multiple activities necessary to achieve AFRL’s vision of cyber superiority. Emphasis will be placed on: a) development of technology capability solutions that address specific user requirements; b) delivery of prototype technologies for evaluation and feedback in the context of the user’s operational environment; and c) provision of a mechanism for user acquisition of limited product quantities required for operational introduction of technologies. The technical requirements will encompass rapid development, design, prototyping, demonstration, scenario development, experimentation and evaluation, integration, testing, technical installation, transitions through initial operations and cyber technologies, and support.

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Solicitation in a Nutshell:



Agency:Department of the Air Force
Office:Air Force Research Laboratories
Solicitation Number:FA8750-21-R-1004
NAICS Codes:541715 – Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences (except Nanotechnology and Biotechnology)
Contract Vehicle:ACT3
Contract Period:1The total duration of this contract/task order, including the exercise of any options under this
clause, shall not exceed 120 months
Type of Contract and Award:Multiple-award IDIQ
Number of Awards:4 to 6 (estimated)
Contract Value:$1,000,000,000
Set-Aside:Total Small Business
Due Date & Time:July 14, 2021, 3:00 PM EDT
Facility Clearance:Top Secret
Summary:A proposal shall be prepared in separate volumes with page limits specified below. The table ofc ontents and tabs are exempt from the page limits. No cross-referencing between volumes for essential information is permitted except where specifically set forth herein.
Volume II – COST (Sample Order 0001): 50 *
Volume III – TECHNICAL (Statement of Work (SOW) and Sample Order 0001): 50**
Volume IV – MANAGEMENT (Statement of Work (SOW) and Sample Order 0001): 30**
Volume V – FIRST ORDER (Work Description for Systems Engineering Management Plan): 5
* Pages should be limited to the minimum number necessary. The 50-page cost proposal is a goal not a limit. The Offeror may use additional pages if necessary to comply with public law.
** Excluding resumes of management/engineering/scientific personnel. No more than 20 resumes representative of your proposed team will be acceptedEvaluation Criteria:
(1)Factor 1: TECHNICAL
The Technical factor will be evaluated on the basis of the following Subfactors, Subfactors 1, 2, and 3 being of equal importance.
(i) Subfactor 1: Development and Design Engineering – Soundness of Offeror’s approach to understanding and analyzing User, System and Security requirements and the proposed approach to rapidly deliver novel solutions through development, testing, evaluation, integration, and operational transition into military environments. (Applies to Sample Order)
(ii) Subfactor 2: Management Approach – Extent proposal provides evidence that the Offeror has a sound pre-award and post-award approach for adequately staffing and managing multiple complex orders under short, time-critical deadlines, including subcontractor management and control to foster a collaborative innovation and experimentation team environment. This includes demonstrating a knowledge and understanding of DoD acquisition practices. (Applies to Statement of Work and Sample Order)
(iii) Subfactor 3: Experience and Qualifications – Experience and qualifications of the types of personnel and the quantity and quality of the Offeror’s corporate experience relevant to the requirements. This includes understanding of USAF Cyber components and respective requirements. (Applies to Statement of Work and Sample Order)
(2) Factor 2 – COST / PRICE. The Cost / Price factor will be evaluated to the Total Evaluated Price (TEP) of the effort. The cost proposal for Sample Order 0001 (including estimated cost and proposed fees) will be used to determine the TEP.
Scope:The scope of this effort is to perform multiple activities necessary to achieve AFRL’s Science and Technology (S&T) vision of cyber superiority. This includes activities for rapid development, design, prototyping, demonstration, scenario development, experimentation & evaluation, integration, testing, technical installation, transition, and support through initial operations of cyber technologies, which enable Global Vigilance, Global Reach, and Global Power in air, space, and cyberspace for:

  1. Cyber Threat Avoidance & Cyber Defense
  2. Full Spectrum Cyber Operations
  3. Cyber Network Exploitation
  4. Cyber Situational and Mission Awareness
  5. Cyber Command & Control
  6. Cyber Modeling, Simulation, & War Gaming
  7. Cyber Infrastructure
  8. Cyber Mission Assurance
Background:The agency wants cybersecurity services for a capable partner(s). There could be more than one awards to multiple businesses.

Solicitation Documents:

Solicitation Package Page:ACT3 RFP on

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