The Alliant 2 SB solicitation is a Government-wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) with a solicitation number QTA0016GBA0002. It has been issued by the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS). It has a value of up to $15,000,000,000 and includes 80 awards. The contract period is determined as 6 years and all the solicitation documents are mapped out on the Federal Business Opportunities website, with a link also provided by GDIC.

In summary, this solicitation aims to help federal government agencies with their IT necessities wherever they are located in the world. It supports all IT development techniques and frameworks. This is a master contract designed to facilitate new IT service implementations and cover all IT service related needs for customers throughout the world, at any time. This service is directed to Alliant Small Business and aims to help small businesses increase their opportunities.

The Alliant 2 SB solicitation is a new GWAC which will allow access to a wide variety of IT services and respective solutions. The scope is to cover the entire global network. It will involve professional and qualified industry partners, all acting in line with the Department of Defense Enterprise Architecture (DoDEA) and the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA). This solicitation aims to also provide necessary support that is not related to IT services but deeply impacts their end result. In addition, it involves reviews about compatibility, flexibility regarding the implementation of new technologies and a wide range of contract types.

What GDIC Can Do

Technology is essential in developing federal and governmental institutions and offices, which is why at GDIC we take great responsibility in technical writing of proposals. What we aim to do is provide professional writing of winning proposals and improve the revenues of our clients as well as strengthen their partnership with governmental offices.

In order to be more involved with this service, you can follow our webinar ‘Discussion of Alliant 2 SB Win Strategy’ when it is scheduled and gather further information on the topic. You can also have a look at the relevant articles regarding federal government contracts in general, and this or similar solicitation in particular in order to figure out what is the first step to take when you bid on a government contract. We particularly recommend ‘First Step before Bidding on Government Contracts’ and ‘Color Team Reviews’. Lastly, make sure to follow all draft amendments to be up to date with the latest decisions being taken by the GSA on this particular solicitation.

In addition to providing relevant information on the matter, our expert staff here at GDIC will also ensure support regarding proposal development through color team reviews and proposal writing. The color team review will make sure that all parts of the proposal are correctly written and provide a relevant strategy that can develop the compiled document into a winning proposal.

If you want to find out more information on this solicitation or be more involved in the process you can make an appointment directly with GDIC. We will make sure to address all your concerns at our earliest convenience.