The long-awaited opportunity for Alliant 3 is now one step closer. The Draft RFP has just been published
which includes important comprehensive details that enable industries to do the right research and
analysis to prepare their offer.
The General Services Administration Alliant third iteration is a governmentwide acquisition contract
through which businesses can compete to provide information technology platforms and services. This
draft issued by GSA, sub tier the FEDERAL ACQUISITION SERVICE is seeking general public comments
from the industry on a voluntary basis.
What do we know so far?

Current or potential clients of Federal Agencies will have to wait some more time until the final RFP for
Alliant 3 is available. However, this is not a reason to expect them to start proposal preparations and
build the strategies to compete.

  •  NAISC code is 541512 which includes Computer Systems Design Services.
  • The draft RFP was published on Oct 19, 2022, but the first version has been updated.
  • The government has given a deadline of Jan 6, 2023, for the industry to send feedback
    responding to the published QA.
  • The Alliant 3 will provide Federal Government agencies with integrated Information Technology (IT) solution services for evolving needs on a global basis.
  •  IT will be a multiple-agency indefinite-delivery indefinite-quantity (MA-IDIQ) governmentwide
    acquisition contract, which will be awarded competitively.

Alliant Scope of Work Details

According to SC.4 of the draft RFP, this master contract allows the use of high-quality applications to
fulfill business needs including the ability to perform in the best way all current and emerging IT services
required to satisfy all IT services requirements globally and at any time.
Contractors will have the opportunity to work for the Government
Contractor facilities located throughout the world, as specified in each Task Order, to provide IT
solutions and support services which include new, leading edge and emerging technologies that will
evolve over the life of the Master Contract as supported by the Federal Enterprise Architecture ( FEA),
Department of Defense Information Enterprise Architecture (DoD IEA) Reference Models, and
associated reference models.
The scope of the Master Contract includes every conceivable aspect of IT Services, including but not
limited to:

  •  3-D Printing Integration
  •  Agile Development
  •  Artificial Intelligence
  •  Biometrics /Identity Management
  •  Cloud Computing
  •  Cyber Security
  •  Digital Government
  •  Digital Trust and Identity Integration and Management
  •  Digital Process Automation
  •  Energy and Sustainability Measurement and Management
  •  Integration Services
  •  IT Services for Healthcare and for Integrated Total Workplace Environment
  •  Open-Source Integration, and Customization
  •  Software Development
  •  Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
  •  Web Application & Maintenance & Web Services

A more expanded list can be found on the Draft document attached at


For Alliant 3, the best value basis for awards will be determined by the Highest Technically Rated
Qualifying (HTRQ) Offerors. As it is known, cost and pricing information will not be considered at the
Master Contract level. Also, the source selection process on Alliant 3 GWAC will neither be based on the
Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) nor Tradeoffs.
Through the Alliant 3, MA-IDIQ contract, the Government will award 60 contracts, but this may change
based on the number of tied scores. To win an award, your proposal must score among the 60 highest-
rated offers received. The evaluation process will begin by ranking the proposals from the highest total
claimed score to the lowest total claimed score.

There is no doubt that there will be fierce competition for the under-construction Alliant 3. Prospective
contractors should start preparations to draw up a detailed plan regarding their offer. Offering full
capture management services through the best technologies, GDI Consulting will help you position
yourself among the winning contractors.