Finally, the long awaited Army’s Human Resource Solutions (HRS) Recruiting, Management, And Administrative Support (R-Mas) Services Multiple Award, IDIQ full solicitation was issued on FBO on Friday, October 21st. This contract has a budget of $1.5 billion and is set to be awarded to 10-12 companies and is a set aside for Small Businesses only. The period of performance is a 5 year base with 5 more one-year options.

The basic structure for the proposal is comprised of 5 volumes:

  • Volume I – Technical Factor
  • Volume II – MA IDIQ Price
  • Volume III – Past Performance
  • Volume IV – Solicitation, Offer and Award Documents
  • Volume V – Sample Tasks Price (Sample Task A, Sample Task B, and Sample Task C)

The Technical Volume has 6 subfactors:

  • Subfactor 1 – Corporate Experience
  • Subfactor 2 – Sample Task A Technical Approach
  • Subfactor 3 – Sample Task B Technical Approach
  • Subfactor 4 – Sample Task C Technical Approach
  • Subfactor 5 – Staffing (Approach, Key Personnel Resumes, and Qualifications)
  • Subfactor 6 – Management (Approach, Quality Control Plan, and Transition Plan)

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Evaluation of the proposals is based on the best value approach.  The Technical Factor is significantly more important than the Past Performance Factor which is more important than the Cost or Price Factor.  All Non-Priced Factors, when combined, are significantly more important than the Cost or Price Factor. Of the 6 subfactors in the Technical Volume (see below), the most important is the Corporate Experience. In fact, the Government is going to conduct a GO/NO-GO review right at the beginning of its review based on the Corporate Experience, removing those proposals that don’t have the necessary Corporate Experience from further evaluation. Thus wording of the Corporate Experience is of utmost importance.

In addition, the Technical Volume and its subfactors are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Understanding of the requirements
  • Completeness/Adequacy of Response
  • Feasibility of Approach
  • Attention to Details
  • Rationale for Proposed Performance

It is imperative that companies who want to participate in this bid to act now, get their teaming together (if any), select their proposal development company (or Red Team review company) and get started. If you have an in-house proposal team, I suggest that you augment it with the support of an outside professional proposal development firm; this is not any other bid and you need to put everything you have into it.