The Air Force VELA MACC is a $275m multiple award construction opportunity that is geared towards 8(a) companies in California only. The Vandenberg AFB, Edwards AFB, and Los Angeles AFB Multiple Award Construction Contract (VELA MACC) is a 5 year (1 base year and 4 option years) 8(a) set-aside which will have 7 awardees. The task orders will range from $2k to $10m.


Note to be eligible to participate the 8(a) company must be headquartered, or have a bona fide place of business in the state of California and the assigned NAICS of 236220. Also, note that this is a new requirement and there are no incumbents.

Scope and Locations:

The VELA MACC will provide a competitive vehicle for executing a broad range of maintenance, repair and new construction of buildings, facilities, or base infrastructure, performed under a design/build or bid/build process at Vandenberg AFB, Edwards AFB, Los Angeles AFB and their associated sites. The projects will include tasks in a variety of trades such as demolition, site work, excavation, cast-in-place concrete, masonry, structural steel, electrical, mechanical (including HVAC), painting, millwork, and other specialty and general contracting work. The remote locations for Vandenberg AFB include Pillar Point Air Force Station, Anderson Peak, Laguna Peak, Santa Ynez Peak, and Orcutt Hill. The remote locations for Edwards AFB include Plant 42 in Palmdale, CA, and the Air Force Research Laboratory on Edwards AFB.  The remote locations for Los Angeles AFB include Fort MacArthur, DCMA support facilities, and Camp Parks.

The Proposal:

The draft RFP states that the proposal will require 3 volumes:

  • Volume I – Executed Contract Documentation and Price Proposal
  • Volume II – Technical Proposal
  • Volume III – Past Performance

The first subfactor in Volume II will cover a Sample Project for which a design and construction approach must be provided. A Program Management Plan is the second subfactor under this volume.

In the past performance volume, information on at least 3 and at most 7 projects must be provided with the following requirements:

  • Projects must have been performed (or being performed) during the last 5 years
  • Projects must demonstrate a broad range of experience/performance in repair, alteration, renovation, maintenance, and minor construction projects on various real property facilities across multiple trades
  • Magnitude of the projects must be between $100k and $10m
  • At least one project must be over $500k. Additional projects over $500k are a plus
  • Multiple functions, including design or being performed at multiple locations, etc. are a plus


The technical volume is a pass or fail. Then it boils down to the combination of lowest price and past performance that gets at least a “Substantial Confidence.” So you need to make sure that your technical volume is written well to get you an Acceptable mark. Then write the past performance in a way as to get the maximum points. DO NOT copy-paste your previous past performance information. It needs to be rewritten if you want to get on this MACC. Finally, try to provide the lowest price possible for the Sample Project but do remember that it must be realistic and you must be able to execute it if you are awarded it.


For 8(a) construction companies in California or with offices in California, this is a good opportunity to consider. You need to have a combination of good proposal writing as well as good price setting to be able to win. I suggest that you get outside help to ensure you prepare a winning proposal for this opportunity and don’t wait until the final RFP comes out. Start early to be able to build more quality into your proposal.