The Government Procurement process is a world of its own, with a system of well-defined rules and conditions that enable an equal competition for federal awards and a genuine process, in terms of accuracy and quality.

Participating in the competition for government contract opportunities requires a long process of preparation. There are many companies that conduct ongoing research to capture the right opportunities that will suit their businesses utterly. Of course, finding such a match is not easy. There are so many questions that disturb the offerors’ minds, wondering if they’re making the right decision if the contract will meet their business goals, if they’ll be able to complete the job as promised, and so on.

However, to achieve this, to become a government partner, you need a professional team able to write an attractive proposal with a unique solution. Hiring a competent firm for your proposal development will add value to your competing process and enhance your chances to become a prime contractor.

Experience, expertise, and deep knowledge related to the Federal Contracting System as a whole is essential for developing a persuasive product. Government evaluators are experts in recognizing high-quality proposals and in identifying templates. Investing time, efforts, and money for a compelling proposal preparation is the smartest option.

Furthermore, the process involves more than just writing the solution. It’s also about validating it against all the requirements and Government needs. To do this, the firm will also conduct a thorough professional proposal review.

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The Proposal Review Process

The proposal review process differs from case to case depending on many factors such as proposal volume, complexity, and the firm that is developing it. To ensure an accurate process, each section must be assessed against the RFP solicitation requirements. Many companies use the color-coded system called the Color Team Review. Each team has their purpose and goal, but all of them the same aim. They want to make sure that the proposal is compliant and meets all the evaluation criteria to make it to the finish!

Regardless of the teams that will make the assessment, the only thing that matters is their experience and competence in doing it professionally and effectively.

Every section of the proposal is of significant importance, and no detail must be overlooked. However, you must particularly focus on certain parts. In addition to the routine process, you should be able to answer some questions to make sure that the proposal is at the right level to advance competition.

The Solution

You must confirm that the proposed solution has the best-in-class quality and all the features to meet all the required criteria. Ensure that your approach has been pointed out correctly, and you have enriched your proposal with the appropriate qualities for receiving the approval of the evaluators.


The most important thing when reviewing a proposal is making sure that it is fully compliant to the RFP’s requirements. Countless proposals are dismissed for not meeting the compliance criteria. Federal officials need to make sure that your approach is serious and that you respect the needs and demands of the Government.


The desire to show the message of the company in the most effective way often makes the technical writers inadvertently burden the proposal. The Review teams must make sure that there is no redundant part that the Government will find inappropriate.

In addition, they will also check if all the facts are properly mentioned, and if not, incorporate them in the proposal.


Making sure that the values of the company are highlighted is important, too. Mention the experience to demonstrate your successful past performance, and win themes to convince the evaluators about the benefits that they will enjoy if you win the award.

The reviewers need to make sure that the proposal has all the needed qualities both in content and design. A proper assessment can transform a proposal from “good” to “unbeatable”.

For more information on GDI Consulting’s Color Team Review process and how this process can help you position your proposal to win, download GDIC Color Team Review Guide.

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