The purpose of this Commerce Acquisition for Transformational Technology Services (CATTS) task order is to provide service-oriented Information Technology (IT) support to the Department of Commerce (DOC) Office of the Secretary (OS), and three other Bureaus (BU), including Economic Development Administration (EDA), Minority Business Development Administration (MBDA), and Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). This task order may be used to consolidate similar DOC services into centrally managed services in future requirements. The Contractor shall provide an integrated, manageable, scalable, and flexible solution that meets the core support services and that maximizes the use of commercially available provisioned service solutions such that the purchase of new infrastructure uniquely for the CATTS task order is minimized.

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Solicitation in a Nutshell:



Agency:The Department of Commerce
Status:Draft RFP
Solicitation Number:67002
NAICS Codes:NAICS Code: 541519, Other Computer Related Services
Contract Vehicle:CATTS
Contract Period:Ten (10) Years
Type of Contract and Award:CPAF, CPFF, CR, CS, FFP, T&M / Government-Wide Agency Contract
Number of Awards:TBD
Contract Value:$1.5B
Set-Aside:Small Business
Due Date & Time:TBD
Facility Clearance:Top-Secret Facility Clearance Level
Scope:Department of Commerce, Office of the Secretary, Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) has a requirement for enterprise-wide Information Technology services. Services will include (but not limited to) analytical and program management, digital services, data governance and maintenance and cybersecurity.
The Government requires the MSS to encompass the following services:Task Area 1 – Chief Information Officer (CIO) SupportTask Area 2 – Digital Document and Records Management

Task Area 3 – Managed Service Outsourcing and Consulting

  1. Transition Services(Firm-Fixed Price)
  2. Program Management Services(Firm-Fixed Price)
  3. Managed Service Desk Services (Firm-Fixed Price)
  4. Enterprise/Cloud Management Services (Firm-Fixed Price)
  5. Audio Visual and VTC Support Services(Firm-Fixed Price)
  6. Other Direct Costs (ODC)
  7. Travel (ODC)

The Government may require the following optional services during the performance of this task order:

Task Area 3 – Managed Service Outsourcing and Consulting

  1. Network Operations Services (Firm-Fixed Price)
  2. IT Training Services(Time & Materials)
  3. Communications Services (Time & Materials)

Task Area 4 – IT Operations and Maintenance

  1. Special Projects (Time & Materials)

Task Area 6 – Cybersecurity

Security Operations Services (Firm-Fixed Price)

Background:Within the Commerce Office of the Secretary, the OCIO provides information technology (IT) leadership advancing the mission of the Department of Commerce. It leads the management of information resources, ensuring that Commerce programs and Bureaus provide world-class information services to end users, improving the efficiency of delivering information services, and empowering and equipping a workforce that is highly motivated and customer service oriented. One of OCIO’s priorities is to continuously improve secure access to data, information, and systems and to continuously protect those assets from loss or unauthorized access.
The Infrastructure and Platform Services Directorate (IPSD) provides the core IT infrastructure services for the Office of the Secretary and its BU mission partners at the Herbert C. Hoover building (HCHB) and other ancillary locations in the National Capital Region. Currently, IPSD supports approximately 2,500 users in these various locations. Providing personnel with the most current, reliable, and valuable IT services is the primary Information Technology (IT) concern. The Contractor shall provide the IT services required in this Task Order in support of the above referenced entities.

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