The C-MAC IDIQ will provide the Bureau of Indian Affairs with a wide range of contractor-provided Design-Build (DB) and Design- Bid-Build (DBB) services for facilities located across the Continental United States (CONUS) and Indian Country. Services may include new construction, offsite design-build construction, modular construction, demolition, repair, alteration, and renovation of buildings and more. We anticipate a solicitation in late 2021 and awards in the summer of 2022.

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Solicitation in a Nutshell:



Agency:The Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs
Status:Draft RFP
Solicitation Number:DOIAFBO210110
NAICS Codes:NAICS Code: 236220 – Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
Contract Vehicle:C-MAC
Contract Period:Five (5) Years
Type of Contract and Award:CPAF, CPFF, CR, CS, FFP, T&M / Government-Wide Agency Contract
Number of Awards:Twenty (20) contracts
Contract Value:$1.5B
Set-Aside:Small Business
Due Date & Time:TBD
Facility Clearance:N/A
Summary:The DOI is not at this time seeking proposals and will not accept unsolicited proposals. We anticipate the following past performance requirements as a part of the final solicitation –

  • For general construction projects, submit a minimum of three projects and a maximum of 10 projects.
  • For modular construction projects, submit a minimum of zero and a maximum of three projects.

All projects must have been completed in the past six years from the response date for this notice Taken as a whole, projects should demonstrate experience that encompasses a variety of design/build and construction services in the cost range described above. Interested small businesses with experience constructing medical facilities, educational facilities, and detention facilities should include and highlight these projects, as a significant portion of task orders issued under the C-MAC are expected to be for these types of facilities.

Scope:The C-MAC will encompass a wide range of DB and DBB projects that include, but are not limited to: new construction; offsite design build construction*; offsite construction (modular construction)**; demolition, repair, alteration, and renovation of buildings; systems and infrastructure; and, may include civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and communication systems. Types of facilities to be constructed include but are not limited to: educational, detention, medical, administrative, industrial, operational, maintenance, warehouses, communications, personnel support, recreation, lodging, dormitory, training, ranges, and roads. The selected contractors will be responsible for all labor, supervision, engineering, design, materials, equipment, tools, parts, supplies, and transportation to perform the services described in the drawings and specifications for each individual project.
Background:This IDIQ is considered the ‘next generation’ to BIA’s National Multiple Award Construction Contract (NMACC)

  • All 8 awardees under NMACC remain small businesses under NAICS 236220
  • The majority of spending under NMACC were for tasks in New Mexico followed by Arizona

Projects awarded on this C-MAC will have an estimated construction cost of approximately $1.0 million to $60 million; however, smaller and larger dollar value projects may be considered.

Solicitation Documents:

Solicitation Package Page:C-MAC on SAM.gov

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