$60 Billion Federal Contract for Integrated Services
Submissions Due: September 13, 2023 

Oasis+ summary

The objective of OASIS+ (One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services Plus) is to provide Government agencies with total integrated solutions for a multitude of services-based requirements on a global basis.

Although considered a follow-up of OASIS, this new contracting vehicle has expanded the its scope to include functional areas from GSA’s other government-wide contract vehicle solutions, such as BMO (Building, Maintenance and Operations) and HCaTS (Human Capital and Training Solutions). It is is available for use by all Federal agencies and other entities as listed in GSA Order ADM 4800.2I, Eligibility to Use GSA Sources of Supply and Service as amended.

The contract scope is organized by Domains (functional groupings of related services spanning multiple NAICS codes). The Domains that are currently within scope of the Master Contract are:

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Evaluation Criteria

To receive a Domain award, the offer must meet or exceed a specified qualification threshold. The Offeror has the discretion to use any combination of qualifications detailed in the qualification matrix to achieve the threshold. The qualifications matrix includes both project experience and other relevant qualifications (e.g., corporate level qualifications, applicable certifications).

Ultimately, the Offeror is responsible for clearly demonstrating that the claimed criteria are met. GSA will remove from consideration any proposal element where the Offeror does not clearly demonstrate that the claimed criteria is met, based on being non-responsive (non-compliant) to the solicitation requirements.

Criteria in the Qualifications Matrix fall into the following categories:

OASIS+ Enrollment & Awards

According to GSA, OASIS Plus (OASIS+) will be an open enrollment opportunity, with the intention of enrolling more contractors. GSA intends to award separate IDIQ contracts under each of the following categories:

  • 8(a) small business
  • HUBZone small business
  • Service-disabled veteran-owned small business
  • Total small business
  • Women-owned small business
  • Unrestricted

Qualification standards for each IDIQ will be designed to achieve targeted socioeconomic representation. Unrestricted solicitations may require a higher qualifying threshold and additional qualifying criteria, such as: past performance exceeding subcontracting goals, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions disclosures, experience performing IAW applicable labor laws (e.g., Service Contract Labor Standards, Collective Bargaining Agreements), experience with and/or plan to support other priorities (e.g., AbilityOne and minority-owned SBs).

Proposal Preparation

GSA OASIS Plus (OASIS+) is a Self-Scoring solicitation, meaning bidders score themselves on one or more factors according to the evaluation criteria (or evaluation matrix) and provide documentation to support their assertions. To succeed in this endeavored:

  1. a bidder must understand the qualification requirements and evaluation criteria
  2. recognize its qualifications that best match the requirements and achieve the highest score
  3. gather and provide documentation and evidence to substantiate those qualifications

Compared to other solicitations, in self-scoring solicitations each bidder must do the work of both a bidder and a contracting officer at the same time.

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OASIS Plus in a Nutshell:



Agency: General Services Administration (GSA)
Solicitation Number: SAM Notice ID: 47QRCA21N0001
Status: Proposal Due Date: October 20, 2023
Proposal Due Date: Continuous submissions and awards
Contract Period: TBD
Type of Contract: Multiple Award Contract (MAC) IDIQ
Number of Awards:
Maximum Contract Ceiling Value: $60 billion+ (GSA is pursuing a FAR class deviation to award contract with no ceiling)
Set-Aside: Unrestricted, Total SB, HUBZone, 8(a), SDVOSB, WOSB
Size Standard:
  • (a) Small Business
  • HUBZone Small Business
  • Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business
  • Total Small Business
  • Woman-Owned Small Business
  • Unrestricted
OASIS+ will group service offerings within Domains that follow a category management structure.
  1. Management and Advisory
  2. Technical and Engineering
  3. Research and Development
  4. Intelligence Services
  5. Enterprise Solutions
  6. Environmental Services
  7. Facilities
  8. Logistics
Partnering: Joint Ventures and CTAs (Prime/Sub) are allowed
Evaluation: To receive a Domain award, the offer must meet or exceed a specified qualification threshold. The Offeror has the discretion to use any combination of qualifications detailed in the qualification matrix to achieve the threshold.

The qualifications matrix includes both project experience and other relevant qualifications (e.g., corporate level qualifications, applicable certifications). The relative weighting of criteria are designed to ensure all awardees are capable of providing high quality, best-in-class services to support the range of requirements anticipated, based on comprehensive customer feedback about the criteria’s benefit to the Government.

To the maximum extent possible, qualifying criteria will be standardized across Domains to minimize the burden to industry. Domain-specific factors focus on mission critical requirements for that Domain’s scope.).

Qualification Criteria:
  • Qualifying Project Experience
  • Federal Experience
  • Government-approved systems and rates
  • Other certifications

Solicitation Documents:

Item Link
Documents on GSA Website OASIS+ Activity Feed
Final Unrestricted RFP on UNR Final RFP
Final Total SB RFP on TSB Final RFP
Final HUBZone SB RFP on HUBZone Final RFP
Final 8(a) SB RFP on 8(a) Final RFP
Final WOSB RFP on WOSB Final RFP

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OASIS+ Proposal Services Plans

Plan A

OASIS+ Eligibility Assessment

GDI Consulting is providing a preliminary eligibility assessment service to help companies in their decision to enter OASIS Plus solicitation. This service will also give you a better idea of how to go about partnering with other companies for this opportunity.

What you will be provided:

  • A probable score based on your responses to the questionnaire
  • Recommendations as to how to optimize/increase your score
  • Recommendations on partnering and in which areas to concentrate
  • Recommendations about whether you should proceed with full proposal development or not
Plan B

Full Proposal Development

With full proposal development, GDI Consulting takes the responsibility of preparing a winning OASIS Plus proposal based on the projects and other qualifications you have in one or more domains. The initial phase will include these tasks:

  • Initiantion and kikoff
  • Document collection and inventorization
  • Data extraction from documents
  • Populating our proprietary Automated OASIS Plus Scoring Matrix with the data
  • Optimizing and Maximizing the Score
Plan C

Proposal Review & Submission

GDI Consulting offers a Red Team Review and Submission service for those companies working on the OASIS Plus proposal development in-house or using other consultants. In summary, this plan includes the following services:

  • Red Team Compliance Reviews
  • Conduct 1st Round of Review
  • Perform Corrections
  • Conduct 2nd Round of Review
  • Perform Corrections and Finalize
  • Submission to Symphony

Oasis+ Articles

  • In this comprehensive article, we explore the benefits of partnering for the OASIS program, finding the right partner, and developing a successful partnership. If you’re a small business seeking to participate in the OASIS program, read on to learn more about how partnering can help you succeed. Large companies can also use this article to streamline their partnering process to expand into other domains in OASIS+.

  • This article discusses why you should care about these tasks, what they entail, and why you should not wait until the Full RFP drops to start your proposal preparation process. Also, note that we are nearing summer when many company staff and resources might be on vacation. You don’t want to face a situation where the RFP drops and you don’t have your best people available. And worst is that you would have to start from scratch with minimum staff.

  • Tools you need for OASIS Plus Submission

    This article discusses the tools needed for each phase of the OASIS Plus program. We assume that the reader has a firm grasp of the requirements, the scoring system, the Qualifying Projects (QPs), the Federal Experience Projects (FEPs), and the Systems and Certifications factors and how they play into making up the final score. (For further reading on the scoring system, refer to my webinars on the scoring system on our GDI Consulting website).

  • OASIS+ is considered a great opportunity for businesses, especially small businesses, to provide services for the Federal government. For starters, OASIS+ will support all contract pricing types at the task order level, which means that a business does not need to provide pricing with a proposal. GSA’s goal is to provide agencies with easier access to innovative professional services from businesses that are qualified.

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