Management is the artistry of accomplishing targeted goals by implementing special techniques and coordinating a team of experts. All the available resources are integrated continually to plan, organize, lead and control projects, financial and data resources. Management has a very broad scope. It’s an integral part of any business, regardless of industry or business sector that you belong. An internal strategy in order to achieve company’s long-term objectives is imperative. However, like everything else, the management is evolving at a very fast pace.

Over the last few years, businesses have developed more practical solutions by sharing their projects with other businesses that provide similar services. This is becoming an increasingly common practice for companies that are overloaded with work, even among firms that conduct proposal writing for Government federal agencies.  Depending on different factors, some enterprises choose to outsource their projects to a third party; whereas, others choose to staff their in-house personnel.

Also known as Staff Augmentation, this flexible technique of modern management is highly effective, productive and cost-effective.  In the meanwhile, you’ll have the opportunity to increase internal expertise and mitigate administrative costs. Hiring temporarily “agile talent”, professionals with a high-level of specialized knowledge, expertise, and successful background has many advantages.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation Approach in Proposal Writing

You may need additional staff for a variety of reasons. Starting from the lack of sufficient resources,   numerous profitable projects that you do not want to reject, etc. By staffing your permanent personnel, you can bring qualified experts to work alongside your full-time employees. It can have a significant role in your strategic staffing plan functioning.

Obviously, the success of a proposal development project relies on a comprehensive plan, thorough needs analysis, the design of a solution personalized to your customer’s and firm’s needs, and its accurate implementation and execution.

Although there are many benefits, the most important one after professional expertise is the reduction of employee costs.  Even though contractors or partner companies that offer staffing services have higher rates, staff augmentation is way more cost-effective. Some of the expenses of a full-time in-house employee include:

  • Recruitment Expenses
  • Basic Salary
  • Health Insurance
  • Employment Taxes

Nevertheless, before selecting the company that provides staff augmentation for federal proposal writing services, you need to make sure they’re going to meet the needs of your firm. They must be able to give you proof of their successful past experience, show you past projects and demonstrate their professional capabilities.

Besides, the company that provides staffing services must guarantee their services. On contrary, if they fail to deliver the group of candidates with the promised skills, be they capture managers, proposal writers, business developers, proposal reviewers or other experts – you don’t have to pay them. Furthermore, if the selected team is not performing well, you can get an immediate replacement to continue the project. This way, your main project leaders have the opportunity to look closely the proposal development, supervise the augmented staff and give their assessment of the progress of the job that is being done.