The Nellis aircraft maintenance and support services is introduced by the Department of the Air Force, at the AMIC contracting office with a solicitation number of FA489020INAMR. It is an Air Combat Command (ACC) HQ single award IDIQ with a FFP, CNF and CR award type. An IAW CDRL B005, which is a performance summary report, is needed as part of the contractor’s submission. It is meant to showcase the SS metrics status and the PWS performance measures. In addition, the contractor should also provide all necessary tools, staff and supervision, in addition to all other required supporting items.

This service is directed towards the support of aircraft maintenance for MDS, maintenance of non-aircraft equipment such as the 57 MXG, aircraft supporting other units or military organizations, namely the AMU of 12 F-16 supporting the 24th Tactical Air Support Squadron and the AMU of 14 A-10 aircraft supporting the 422d Test and Evaluation Squadron as well as the 66th Weapons Squadron.

Going into more detail, the 57 MXG is intended to support a variety of aircrafts such as the A-10, F-15, F-16, F-22, and F-35 with equipment maintenance, HH-60 helicopters with facilities and support as well as the United States Air Force Aerial Demonstration Squadron and the AT-6 Light Attack Aircraft. In addition, the 57 MXG also supports other transient aircraft.

Proposal Evaluation and GDIC Support

All submitted proposals for this service should address three core topics or milestones. The first one is the execution of transition tasks within the required deadline. The second one is hiring the incumbent staff and/or filling all incumbent free positions with qualified people to be able to work within the contract frame. The third and last milestone is implemented during the start of the contract. It requires the integration of all open actions of the contract to ensure its successful completion.

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