OASIS+ Proposal Review Services

Our team of proposal managers and writers can provide the expertise your team needs to
review your OASIS+ proposal to ensure it meets government requirements

OASIS+ Proposal Review Support

Writing proposals for federal government contracts is a complex process, especially when it comes to a complex self-scoring proposal such as OASIS Plus. Your company may have a team working for months on a proposal - laboring over every detail. To ensure you improve your win rate, conducting a pre-submission review of your proposal is a critical step. Experienced, fresh eyes can help improve the success of your submission to the government.

At GDI Consulting, we have worked on over 2,938 grants and proposals. Last year, we had an 82% win rate on proposals, , making us one of the industry's most trusted and reliable capture and proposal management companies. Our team knows the contract requirements of federal RFPs, and we have worked with prime contractors and subcontractors, supported teams, and small businesses. We specialize in self-scoring proposals, having completed over 180 self-scoring proposal contracts with over 120 successful proposals.

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GDI Consulting consists of a professional group of experienced proposal writers that employ the highest skills and capabilities to provide customized professional government proposal writing services for our clients. Many of our proposal writers have worked in government procurement, managed government projects, and have extensive experience writing and reviewing proposals.

Each and every proposal is authentic, exceptionally designed to meet the needs of a company or a client we serve. We do not commit to multiple clients for the same solicitation. When we bid, we are exclusive and do our best to capture the attention of proposal evaluators.

Our services include

  • Complete Proposal Review
  • Competitive Review
  • Compliance Review
  • Price to Win Review
  • Mock Evaluation
  • Resume Review
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In addition to our experience, we offer proposal services that meet your needs and your budget, such as:

  • Firm-Fixed Pricing or Hourly Rates
  • Team Approach
  • Flexible Scope of Work

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