The highly anticipated contract, the FBI Triple S Re-compete, is closer than ever. According to a Special Notice released on Monday, December 3, 2018, an updated acquisition schedule has been published. The Agency announced the schedule to inform the industry so that they can start preparations.

On March 2018, Department of Justice (DOJ), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released the first notice about the IT Triple S Re-compete contract opportunity. The Finance Division (FD), Procurement Section (PS) Information Technology Acquisitions Unit (ITAU) published the notice to inform the industy (interested contractors) that is planning to acquire Information Technology Supplies and Support Services (ITSSS) Blanket Purchase Agreement re-compete.

During the following months, there have been some changes in amendments occasionally to announce various updates.

In the previous update, it was stated that the government has determined that there will not be used a Full and Open Competition for the opportunity. This means that contracts will be awarded to vendors that already hold contracts on the General Services Administration’s IT Schedule 70. The IT Triple S will be a single, multi-task contract. The structure of the 12 respective tracks remains unchanged.

The six tracks that were proposed recently remain unchanged in the last notice. The tracks were adapted to better align with Technology Business Management, a framework instituted by Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, and other technology leaders. TBM serves for matching IT development and implementation to specific business outcomes.  These tracks include:

  • End User Services
  • Business Application Services
  • Delivery Services
  • Platform Services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Emerging Services

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What’s Next?

As far as the other part is concerned, it has not been made known for a possible change in the acquisition/award strategy.  The plan to award 15-22 vendors for the proposed tracks, which will include 10-15 large businesses and five to seven small businesses per track, remains. Nevertheless, possible changes to meet government’s needs are not excluded.

The Government has not provided any additional information about other changes, except for the following acquisition schedule dates. The FBI will attempt to meet all of the following deadlines; however, some variation should be anticipated.

1/11/19 – Release Draft RFQ to industry

1/18/19 – Questions due from industry

2/1/19 – Final RFQ released

According to the information derived from Industry QA, all interested Offerors must meet the required capabilities for each task that they are interested to compete for. Moreover, all potential contractors shall meet all the evaluation requirements individually, whether they’re competing in a partnership, as a prime contractor, or as subcontractor.

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