The MDA Integration and Operations for Enterprise Solutions (MIOES) is an opportunity by the
Department of Defense. This contract will be a follow-on acquisition to the current Integrated Research
and Development for Enterprise Solutions contract.
The primary required services for this contract are IT Services. Other services that are considered
secondary or sub-classified are:

  •  Computer Equipment
  • Engineering, Scientific, and Technical Services
  • Facility Support Services
  • IT Services
  • Quality Assurance, Testing & IV&V
  • Research & Development

These services are divided under several NAICS codes including:

1. 541715 or Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences (except
Nanotechnology and biotechnology)
2. 541330 or Engineering Services
3. 541512 or Computer Systems Design Services
4. 541512 or Computer Facilities Management Services

5. 561210 or Facilities Support Services

In 2022, market research was developed on potential industry sources and their capabilities to help
inform the development of its acquisition strategy for MDA MIOES.
Nevertheless, although all the requirements of this current contract are not included in the Market
Research, it is anticipated that the strategic sourcing opportunities will be included in the requirements
that have not been fulfilled in the current IRES Contract.
This research aimed to help identify small business opportunities, potential risks, commercial practices,
barriers to competition, and evaluation approaches.
Therefore, based on these results, through this Special Notice, the Government posted a listing of the
companies and POCs. The purpose of this publication is for companies to observe and develop working
relationships that can be integrated with their acquisition strategy.

MDA MIOES in more detail – What do we know?

MDA has not determined an acquisition strategy for the MIOES effort and we are diligently reviewing all
of the submitted capability statements. The scope of MIOES may be similar, but not identical to the IRES
scope. Therefore, although that information can be used as a form of reference to create competitive
strategies, it should not be taken as accurate.

The value of the reward for this contract has not yet been announced. We bring to your attention that
the incumbent contract held by Jacobs Technology In. has a maximum value of $4,600,000,000.
MDA is seeking to develop an acquisition strategy that enables the government to obtain optimal
solutions including balancing technical, cost, and schedule risks. Also, to recognize that one single
contractor may not always be able to offer the optimal enabling capability/solution to meet the
requirement. In this way, contractors should structure or portfolio of contracts that enables the
alignment of optimal capabilities and solutions that meet the MDA MIOES requirements.
Although MDA has not determined an acquisition strategy for the MIOES, this does not mean that
businesses should not start preparations. An RFP from the Department of Defense is expected to be
published soon, so this is a very good opportunity to study:

  •  how the preliminary contract award was made;
  •  identify key factors that were evaluated in the Evaluation Process;
  • other strong winning elements that helped secure the contract.According to estimates and predictions, the agency will issue the RFP for the MDA Integration and Operations for Enterprise Solutions (MIOES) in the third quarter of 2023. The competition type, the contract value, the award date, and more details will be available in the final solicitation. Until then, we invite you to stay updated.