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Find the federal government contract opportunities
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Improving your contract win rates starts with effective federal capture management

For businesses competing to win government contracts, capture management is a critical step in the process.

Capture management consists of the activities involved in identifying opportunities, qualifying contract requirements to your company’s capabilities, and then building a successful plan of action to pursue and submit a winning proposal.

GDI Consulting provides a complete set of capture management services designed for businesses of all sizes, including opportunity identification, black hat and decision gate reviews and training for capture and proposal managers. We also provide fully qualified proposal personnel and SMEs to augment your staff when there are more opportunities than your in-house team can handle. Our customers can choose to use any of our capture management services on an as-needed basis to complement their in-house capabilities.

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Capture Management Services

For years, GDIC has provided full capture management services to a broad sector of its clients in pursuit of different types of federal and state contracts. We have learned that companies win more often when they focus on understanding customer requirements and objectives.

We work with our clients from day one, from strategy and capture plan development, all the way to positioning with the customer and into the final proposal development phase. We use sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to calculate our client’s win-rates and to provide insight into the price-to-win portion of the capture process.

Our Services

Why Choose GDIC for Your Capture Needs?

All our clients have found out that our defined, repeatable, managed, measured and optimized approach towards capture management provides multifaceted benefits to their businesses and their overall ROI. Our approach

  • Raise your overall win probability.
  • Result in winning more business from fewer but better-qualified opportunities.
  • Decrease your costs.
  • Provide a scalable process that grows with your business.

Articles on Capture Management

  • This is the first part of a series of articles on Capture Management in which we will look at the different aspects of the process from different angles and see where are the bottlenecks, where most companies are failing, and where you can focus on getting a higher ROI in your capture pursuits.

  • Proposal writing for federal business opportunities might seem an easy concept for many, especially for inexperienced businesses that are thinking to enter the Federal Contracting world for the first time. Countless companies apply for D-U-N-S Number and register their business in the System Award Management to try their chance of becoming a Government Contractor.

  • Businesses are constantly looking for innovative ways to expand their opportunities and increase their profits. One of the best ways to achieve this goal in the USA is to become a federal contractor. Our Government is the largest acquirer of supplies and services in the world. Each year, it buys about $450B through the federal contracting mechanism, 23% of which are exclusively reserved for small businesses.

  • The ultimate goal of every powerful enterprise is to win new business opportunities; in this case, it means to become a Federal contractor by winning more prime contracts. Yes, it’s as simple as that. However, the process behind this objective is not so. The initial step in competing for government procurements is to identify the right opportunity to pursue. Every potential contractor for a specifically targeted business opportunity strives to organize the work appropriately to accomplish their goals.