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Keeping the Pursuit On Track

For years, GDIC has provided full capture management services to a broad sector of its clients in pursuit of different types of federal and state contracts. We have learned that companies win more often when they focus on understanding customer requirements and objectives. They predictably lose more often when they don’t. Similarly, we have proven to our customers that qualifying new business opportunities early in the BD life cycle results in better win rates, while late qualification results in fewer wins and more cost to businesses.

We work with our clients from day one, from strategy and capture plan development, all the way to positioning with the customer and into the final proposal development phase. We use sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to calculate our client’s win-rates and to provide insight into the price-to-win portion of the capture process.

Using a combination of proven techniques as well as leading-edge technologies, coupled with proactive participation of our experienced capture managers, we have been able to guide on clients towards success time after time in each capture pursuit.

Our Full Capture Management Services covers:

  • Government Contracts Intelligence
  • Opportunity Qualification
  • Capture Plan Development
  • Customer Requirements/Objectives Understanding
  • Preliminary Solution Development based on Objectives
  • Federal Customer Positioning
  • Black Hat Review
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Decision Gate and Bid-No Bid Assessment
  • Win-Strategy Development
  • Price-to-Win
  • Partnering Strategy and Implementation
  • Risk Assessment

Why Choose GDIC for Your Capture Needs?

All our clients have found out that our defined, repeatable, managed, measured and optimized approach towards capture management provides multifaceted benefits to their businesses and their overall ROI. Our approach will:

  • Raise your overall win probability.
  • Result in winning more business from fewer but better-qualified opportunities.
  • Decrease your costs.
  • Provide a scalable process that grows with your business.

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We provide our own Capture Managers, Proposal Managers, Proposal Writer and Subject Matter Experts (SME), or our staff can work with your proposal team or SMEs to develop the concept and solution best suited to that specific agency. Every RFP is administered very thoughtfully by our federal capture managers or federal contract proposal writers and consultants who fully understand the challenges of proposal development activity on a daily basis. Our clients average an 81% win rate on government bids and significant ROI, thanks to our talented professionals and their commitment.

We simply know how to Win!

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