Color Team Reviews

GDI Consulting complies with Shipley color-coded review process to provide proposal writing review services in order to improve the quality of our clients’ competitive response. Depending on the size (number of pages) and the time available from proposal kickoff to proposal submission, proposal teams will use one or more reviews prior to submission, including Pink Team, Red Team, Gold Team, and White Glove

(Note: other review schemes may be used). The size of the bid, its criticality to the company, and the Capture Manager will determine what reviews are appropriate for each proposal.

Apart from our main color team reviews, we also provide some additional review schemes, including:

  • Black Hat – Competitive Assessment Review
  • Green Team  -Pricing Review
  • Blue Team – Win Strategy Review

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Federal Civilian Agency, DoD and State and Local Government Contracts

Since 2009, GDI Consulting has been providing proposal and technical writing services to our clients to help them win contracts with Federal agencies, the DoD and state and local governments.

Our clients come from different industries, including IT, cybersecurity, defense, healthcare, manufacturing, management and staffing, security and education.

GDI Consulting has the experience to help your business succeed in complex and competitive government contracting marketplace.

Some of the agencies our clients have placed successful government bids include: