Staff Augmentation

Your company may be busy conducting your daily business activity, and it may not be cost effective to maintain a complete capture staff (business analysts, capture manager, and/or proposal managers/writers) on staff full time.  The other side is also true: you have a full-time staff, but they are busy working on the opportunities in your pipeline.  Then out of the blue, an opportunity appears on FBO that sits squarely in your wheelhouse.  Unfortunately, you are resource-limited: you cannot take any off the pipeline pursuit to devote to the FBO opportunity. That is where we can help with our staff augmentation services.

GDIC understands the capture process. Our staff augmentation proposal manager can introduce you talented personnel qualified in all business capture disciplines with the necessary expertise to meet your staff augmentation needs. The proposal development team at our company has successfully led or prepared proposals for multi-million-dollar contracts from all branches of the Federal government, most states, and a number of international clients. Whether you are seeking information technology, engineering, construction, or advanced defense research and development contracts, GDIC will provide personnel that can staff and partly or wholly leads your capture process.

staff augmentation services

Some of the most requested staff augmentation in proposal writing services include:

  • Capture managers: Analyze your statement of work, assess competitors' strengths, weaknesses and progress, revise and give suggestions, manage the entire capture process to improve your chance of win.
  • Business Analysts: Conduct analysis of competitor's past and present performance and assesses all factors to help you win rates and create winning proposals.
  • Proposal Managers & RFP Writers: Create compelling, persuasive and winning proposals, and write valuable RFP responses. Our proposal managers and writers provide expert-level proposal writing services, produce excellent content and commit to tight deadlines.
  • SMEs and Technical Writers: We can provide Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for all disciplines who provide technically sound content for the most complex proposals. Compelled with our technical writers, we provide a full plethora of quality writing capabilities.
  • Support Services: We are always available to outsource you for any kind of support needed prior, during and after the bidding process. We can easily operate as your full-time staff.
  • Proposal Reviews: We have the best review teams (Red Team, Pink Team, Gold Team and White Glove) ready to conduct a thorough revision of your government proposal prior to submitting and help you improve the quality of your proposal content.
  • Graphic Artists: Create appealing graphic design (cover, logo, layout, call-out boxes, meatball charts, etc.) with excellent visual content to convey a valuable proposal message and catch the evaluators' eye.
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GDIC  Services Highlights

Whether you need one person with specific skills or a complete team, contact GDIC—we are here to help you succeed.

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GDIC offers a range of business capture services that larger businesses can use on an as-needed basis to augment their in-house capabilities.