Air Force Comprehensive Construction and Engineering

C2E in a Nutshell:



Agency: Air Force
Solicitation Number: k772ESSPKAC2E2023RFI
Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
Status: Draft RFP
Important Dates:
  • Full RFP Issue Date: 02/2024 (Government Estimate)
  • Award date: 02/2025 (Government Estimate)
Contract Period: 5 year(s) base plus 5 x 1 year(s) option(s)
Type of Contract: IDIQ
Number of Awards:
Maximum Contract Ceiling Value: $15
Set-Aside: Partial Small Business Set-Aside, Size Standard: $45.0 million annual receipts

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Solicitation Documents:

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Draft RFP on SAM.gov Draft RFP

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C2E Summary

This program is for Design-Build (D-B) or Design-Bid-Build (D-B-B) Construction strategies, design (from concept design to 100%, Issued For Construction Documents), construction, and engineering activities necessary to meet Air Force and other customer requirements and supports the framework of the Air Force strategic execution, design, and construction program.

The contract will encompass a full range of design, construction and engineering activities necessary to meet Air Force and other customer requirements for the Comprehensive Engineering and Construction Contract (C2E) at DoD Installations Worldwide.

The program directly supports the Air Force Facilities Sustainment Restoration & Modernization (FSRM) Program and Bulk Petroleum Program through Engineering, Technical Support, Design, Maintenance and Repair, Unspecified Minor Construction.

Proposal Volumes

The proposal includes the following volumes, each volume has a Section L (Instructions, Conditions, and Notices to Offerors) and a Section M (Evaluation Factors for Award):

Volume I - Technical Proposal

  • Executive Summary
  • Offeror Company Information
  • Choice of Competition
  • Other Information
    • Financial/Other Resources
    • Accounting Systems
    • Construction Bonding
  • Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI)

Volume II - Past Performance

  • Work Samples
  • Self-Scoring Matrix
  • Tie and Tie Breakers
  • Cross Reference Matrix
  • Team Structure
  • Teaming Agreements (TA)

Volume III - Small Business Participation Plan

Volume IV - Price Proposal

Volume V - Contract Documentation

Each volume shall contain a glossary of all abbreviations and acronyms used, and with an explanation for each. Glossaries do not count against the page limitations for their respective volumes. The volume folders and section files shall be as defined in Table 1, all of which shall be within the required page limits specified in the table.

Evaluation Criteria

The Comprehensive Construction & Engineering (C2E) solicitation is a best value source selection conducted in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 15.3 as supplemented.

The evaluation factors are:

1. Factor 1: Past Experience - Offerors are required to submit a maximum of thirty-six (36) work samples (contracts/task orders) which demonstrate their past experience in the required construction services outlined in the Statement of Work. The work samples must comply with the work sample qualifications established in Paragraph of the solicitation.

2. Factor 2: Small Business Participation - Offerors are required to provide a Small Business Participation Plan that outlines how they will meet the small business participation goals established in the solicitation. The plan must include specific commitments to use small businesses in the performance of the contract.

3. Factor 3: Price - Offerors are required to provide a price proposal that includes a detailed breakdown of all costs associated with the performance of the contract. The price proposal must be complete, accurate, and realistic.

The evaluation factors will be used to compare the information requested in Section L against the criteria in Section L. The Government will evaluate proposals in accordance with the evaluation factors and subfactors, and will assign adjectival ratings of Outstanding, Good, Acceptable, Marginal, or Unacceptable to each factor and subfactor. The Government will then perform a tradeoff analysis to determine the best value proposal.

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