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Comprehensive Proposal Support for your Business

GDI Consulting provides comprehensive government proposal development and support services for companies bidding on federal, state or local government opportunities.

Our professional proposal development consultants and subject matter experts work together with our government proposal writers and your team to produce a fully compliant and high-quality response to a government RFP.

Businesses have averaged an 81% win rate on government bids using our services. This has led to a significant return on investment for our clients.

Take your proposals to the next level, and learn how GDI Consulting can improve your success rates.

Submitting A Government Contract Is A Complex Process

Submitting a government contract bid is a complex process. Not only do you need to understand the government’s needs, but you need to have insight into your competition, recognize the preferences of the contract officer, price your proposal correctly and meet all the requirements outlined in the solicitation.

To ensure our clients submit compliant and competitive proposals, we provide a number of proposal development and support services, such as:

  • Graphic and Conceptual Design
  • Production and Delivery
  • Oral Presentation Support

Design and Win Themes:

Proposal design and win themes are an essential component to submitting a successful government bid.

Our subject matter experts and proposal writers will work with your team to design a compliant proposal structure. We carefully review all the requirements in the solicitation and the government’s needs. We then assess your capabilities to ensure we map proposal responses to emphasize your company’s strengths and ability to meet the requirements.

In addition to the design and a general proposal theme, we also will develop a win theme. In government contracting, win themes are value messages. Often times, they go beyond what is written in the RFP and hit on organizational challenges or concerns that may not be clearly spelled out. An important distinction of “win themes” is that they do more than connect the value of your solution to the government’s challenge and need – they provide a proof point to the government contract officer that shows you can do what you promise.


Our consultants average close to 20 years of federal, state and local government contract writing experience. Some of them have been contracting officers, and some of them have been proposal evaluators. Our staff knows intimately how to write a proposal that will earn high marks by evaluators.

Production, Delivery and Post-Submission

Once the final reviews have been completed, our team handles the production of the final proposal. This includes graphics and compliant formatting.

However, our work does not end when the proposal is submitted.

We provide full oral presentation support. What’s more, we actively monitor the contract opportunity in case there are changes or extensions. We also study the award decisions – providing next steps if a bid is unsuccessful or successful.


We have won over 240 IDIQ and MAC contracts for our larger clients, many of which are billion-dollar projects. In addition, our federal contract proposal development expertise encompasses the majority of federal agencies and most of the state governments. These include DoD and all its major agencies and offices, VA, HHS, DHS, DOI, State, DOT, NASA, and many other federal agencies.


We have a track record of over 160 multi-million-dollar winning proposals (single awards) in the fields of Information Technology and Cybersecurity, Defense and Aerospace, Architectural / Engineering and Construction, Healthcare, Security, Staffing and Management Consulting, Janitorial and Facility Maintenance, and other business sectors.

Team Management and Staff Augmentation

Before a proposal even gets written, a team needs to be built and each member assigned specific responsibilities. However, many small and mid-sized businesses lack the internal bandwidth and resources to fully staff a proposal team.

GDI Consulting provides both team management and staff augmentation services to ensure you have the necessary subject matter experts, analysts, technical support, graphic artists and writers available when they are needed. This allows your existing staff to continue pursuing other opportunities and doing their day-to-day work without interruption.

Proposal Writing and Technical Writing

GDI Consulting consists of a professional group of experienced proposal writers that employ the highest skills and capabilities to provide customized professional government proposal writing services for our clients. Each and every proposal is authentic, exceptionally designed to meet the needs of a company or a client we serve. We do not commit to multiple clients for the same solicitation. When we bid, we are exclusive and do our best to capture the attention of proposal evaluators.

Our technical proposal writers and consultants have the required expertise and commitment to ensure 100% proposal quality and competitiveness. Just as we are professional federal government proposal writers, the government evaluators have been doing their job for a long time as well. They recognize that a compelling proposal requires hard work and can identify templates.

Color Team Reviews

GDI Consulting has a color-coded review system particularly created to provide proposal writing review services in order to improve the quality of our clients’ competitive response.

Depending on the volume of the proposal and submission deadline, our experienced capture managers will determine what kind of review is appropriate for your proposal. Our reviews include: Pink Team, Red Team, Gold Team and White Glove.

Our reviewers are very committed and at your disposal to upgrade and improve the quality of your proposal.

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Federal Civilian Agency, DoD and State and Local Government Contracts

Since 2009, GDI Consulting has been providing proposal and technical writing services to our clients to help them win contracts with Federal agencies, the DoD and state and local governments.

Our clients come from different industries, including IT, cybersecurity, defense, healthcare, manufacturing, management and staffing, security and education.

GDI Consulting has the experience to help your business succeed in complex and competitive government contracting marketplace.

Some of the agencies our clients have placed successful government bids include: