Proposal Writing for Security Services

Developing a successful proposal for security services requires great effort, professionalism and experience. GDI Consulting strives to create valuable and winning proposals to help your business determine your P-Win, pursue and win powerful federal contracts.


In the current climate of potential attacks from terrorists or misguided individuals, there is a growing demand for private security forces. However, the requirements to certify and qualify a security service can be very stringent—still, there are government agencies and public companies that routinely contract with private security agencies. Security is not just about putting people on the gates or piers; it is about the processes and systems put in place as well as the cyber-security (hardware/software) that are an integral part of the security profile of a location.

    Why GDIC Excels?

    GDIC is intimately familiar on providing proposal writing for security sector services and can assist your company in winning lucrative security contracts. We have pursued thousands of government contract opportunities in all areas of the security market sector. We are highly specialised in security service proposal writing for government agencies. Whether you are a security service provider and need to prepare a successful security guard contract proposal, or a security equipment supply company - we can help you effectively respond to a federal request for proposal for security services. Our professionals have the right expertise to help businesses of all sizes grow within the federal and state markets.