Every effective proposal development process needs an excellent review team. Color-coded proposal reviews are a popular industry practice, each of them with different purposes, but the same final goal. There are several review stages that a proposal needs to pass in order to be competitive and perfectly positioned to win the award.
For a flawless final product, a firm must secure at least one review team with well-defined roles, responsibilities, and tasks. Pink Team Review, among others, is of significant importance in this procedure.

What is a Pink Team Review?

Every proposal is unique, and so should be the methodology used to review it. The proposal development specialists will determine which revisions are necessary to evaluate and confirm the quality of your product.
It is important that at the moment of submitting the proposal is complete and meets all the criteria to qualify as a winner.
Pink Team Review is the team that reviews the structure of the response to validate its compliance to the client’s requirements.

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Pink Team Review Process and Responsibilities

Like every other team, the Pink Team review has its responsibilities and role in transforming the proposal into a complete and winning form. They are responsible for incorporating consistent ways of presenting content messaging and ensure that management and technical approaches support the overall strategy of appropriately responding to the customer's requirements.

The team guarantees that the proposal has a complete and compelling story with all the information and data current, relevant, correct, with a logical flow of actions, understandable, and readable.

This team normally reviews the first proposal draft and are also known as Proposal Strategy Review. Their focus is on narrative, detail, intent, checking for consistency between sections to make sure that win themes, discriminators, and benefits, themes are maintained throughout the draft. Some of the responsibilities of Pink Team Review is to ensure that all the following points are totally met:

  • proposal volume is outlined adequately
  • content is customer-oriented, compelling, and complete
  • the proposal is completely responsive to the the RFP requirements 
  • graphics, figures, and tables convey the intended message
  • every section is concisely written and is fully compliant to the RFP
  • win themes convince the customer that the proposal has the right solution

The reason why this review occurs right after the proposal has been written is because it offers an opportunity for the proposal development team to make certain corrections if needed early enough in the process.

Let a GDIC proposal review expert provide you more information on Pink Team Review process.