OASIS Plus Webinars Q&A

GDI Consulting conducted 3 webinars on OASIS Plus multiple award IDIQ solicitation in November and December, 2022. Below are some of the questions and answers discussed during those webinars.

You can watch a replay of those webinars through the links in the Webinars page.

There is no limit to the number of awards. Any company whose score is above the minimum (36 for SBs and 42-45 for Unrestricted) and is compliant with the requirements of the RFP will be awarded.


For some of the NAICS/PSCs that are listed under a domain, if they are written on the Contract it is automatically accepted that that contract is relevant as far as the domain is concerned. These are called Auto-Relevant NAOIS or PSCs. To show relevance for other NAICS or PSCs, you need to present the statement of work and FPDS, and other substantiation documents.

Officially, there is going to be another iteration of the draft RFP in Q1 2023 but there is also a rumor that there is urgency in the process and they might actually issue the full RFP in Q1 2023.

No limit. As far as the RFP wording is concerned, you can have all the projects from the subcontractors.

So far, they have listed all the NAICS/PSCs that are relevant to every domain. If you have any more specific questions, it would be good to put them in your list of questions and submit them before the Dec 31st deadline for questions.

Polaris was a small business governmentwide acquisition contract (GWAC) for acquiring customized information technology (IT) services and IT services-based solutions. The range of domains that OASIS Plus covers is much wider and does not cover IT as a mainstream domain.

Officially, there is going to be another iteration of the draft RFP in Q1 2023 but there is also a rumor that there is urgency in the process and they might actually issue the full RFP in Q1 2023. (Q2 for US Fiscal year that GSA calculates based on).

Facilities is domain iself which covers facilities management.

If you go to SAM, you can download a PDF document called "J.P-5+Functional+Areas+and+Sub-Areas" which details out all the sub categories or as they call them functional areas under each domain.

Obviously, 1 is the minimum but there is no limit and you can bid for all 8 domains as far as the Government is concerned. Note that each is considered a separate submission - you need to submit separately to Symphony for each.

Per our experience, the category IT is a very general and a vauge word these days. For example, many times they mention engineering but at the end it is software coding. So we expect that many of the future Task Orders will have a very vague line with IT requirements.

The presolicitation is listed on SAM. Here is the link: https://sam.gov/opp/56a54751ead248e6b4800773f49ff944/view

Initially they had mentioned that they want to announce the awards by Sep 2023 but as you know the review and award process might be delayed as in many other Federal Government RFPs.


Refer to the document "J.P-5 Functional Areas and Sub-Areas.pdf" which comes with the RFP.

The full RFP is not out yet and we are still in the pre-solicitation phase. We expect it in the second quarter of 2023 but no official date has been given.

The sooner you start the more prepared you are when the full RFP drops.

It is a $60B+ Multiple Award Multi Agency IDIQ which coveres 8 different domains of Management & Advisory, Technical and Engineering, Research and Development, Intelligence Services, Enterprise Solutions, Environmental, Facilities, and Logistics.

No, the final RFP will have the finalized score and they will base their award on it with no determination of the minimum score left the after receipt of proposals.

Currently the Draft RFP wording does not limit you to any minimum number.


There are the 8 domains which are equivalent to the Pools in the previous OASIS.

The current solicitation is the draft RFP and is at this location on SAM: https://sam.gov/opp/56a54751ead248e6b4800773f49ff944/view

There will be a separate submission (solicitation) for 8(a) companies and once you are on it, they will provide specific 8(a) set aside TOs to 8(a) companies.

You need to get the minimum 36 points for SB and 42-45 for Unrestricted to be awarded. Afterwards, you compete with other on the TO level.

Yes. But what makes the changes is your contribution i.e. you need to submit your needs and suggestions to GSA to get it done. Make sure that you provide your suggestions before the Dec 31st deadline for comments and questions.

If the JV is a Mentor-Protégé type, they can participate in the SB solicitations and use all members' projects. Otherwise, such a JV, if as a JV it is above the threshold of Small Business on the NAICS code, can only participate in the Unrestricted bid.

If you can produce an MRCL (Meaningful Relationship Commitment Letter), you can use projects from your subsidiaries, …

Separate bid per domain and per set aside.



Yes, for each domain you can participate as Unrestricted, Total Small Business, WOSB, 8(a), HUBZone and/or SDVOSB. You can participate in multiple set-asides and multiple domains, all would be separate submissions.

Once you are awarded a contract under OASIS Plus, you are good to go for a 5+5 (max 10) year period. During that period, the Government will issue Task Orders (TOs) and you need to compete for that Task Order with others in your domain and your set-aside.

Self-Scoring proposals are those that have very little writing. Instead the government publishes a set of rules in the RFP to score yourself. We score ourselves based on those rules and then attach documentation to prove that our scoring was sound and correct.

Functional Areas and Domains are used interchangably in the RFP. There are 8 domains and under each of them there are more specific sub-areas. The document "J.P-5+Functional+Areas+and+Sub-Areas.pdf," which is part of the RFP documents, lists the domains/functional areas and the sub-areas.

At this point, the position of GSA is that Enterprise Solutions is only for the Unrestricted track.

SAM but they might change the solicitation number (we have seen them do that).

That is correct. At the same time, we have heard rumors that GSA want to wrap up the process and speed it up and so might actually go to Full RFP (this also depends on the questions received before the Dec. 31st deadline) and the changes that might be in the making.

Refer to the document "J.P-5+Functional+Areas+and+Sub-Areas.pdf," which is part of the RFP documents, which lists the domains/functional areas and the sub-areas. Then you can gauge yourself and see which domain suits you. It seems that you might want to go for R&D as well as T&E domains.

Not a specific domain but under Facilities Domain, there are "Airport Security Services & Surveillance" and "Security Forces Services".

The full RFP is not out yet and we are still in the pre-solicitation phase. We expect it in the second quarter of 2023 but no official date has been given.

OASIS Plus is not a pure software development project. The Engineering Domain however is shoulder to shoulder to IT in many cases. Pure IT contracts are contracts such as Alliant 4.

If you contracts are essentially material contracts providing SAT equipment, then No, you can't use this contract but if you provide services, then under Facilities Domain, there is Communication Services (general) and Communication Services (Telecommunication) which would cover you.

Yes separate awards in each domain will be provided to Unrestricted, Total Small Business, 8(a), HUBZone, WOSB, and SDVOSB companies. You can participate in all but need to submit separately for each.

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