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We are always there when you need us; working 24/7 to ensure timely delivery.

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Capture/Proposal Consulting

The main focus of our company is Capture and Proposal Consulting. We offer capture management and proposal development consulting services during all stages of the process, from the moment of strategy development to the delivery of the final product. GDI Consulting has proven its capabilities and expertise by achieving a track record in winning proposals.

No one was born a proposal writer or capture manager.  It takes in-depth knowledge and training.  To help our clients, GDIC offers a wide range of proposal planning, writing, and support services. Our staff is highly skilled in assisting clients throughout the capture process, from the bid decision to design and layout of the final proposal, including cover art and design.

Capture Consulting

Our capture management consulting teams with extraordinary background will guarantee the highest-level of success.

We work 24/7 to ensure timely delivery of the documents as well as proper capture management services management to help you impressively improve your bid opportunities. We create the most applicable plans and strategies to help your company increase the P-Win.

Our capture management services will guide you to take the right actions to create irresistible proposals. Our consulting experts will help you define goals, compete successfully and win federal government contracts.

Proposal Consulting

Our company provides the most extraordinary proposal development and consulting services mostly focused on government contracts

GDIC offers comprehensive proposal services including:

  • Developing the proposal strategy and win themes
  • Proposal process management, writing, editing, and layout
  • Conceptual art and graphic art support
  • Proposal document production.
  • Remarkable efforts to ensure all the proposal features (e.g. technical, management, prices) are communicated efficiently and meet solicitation requirements.

We have talented proposal experts with more than 20 years experience in proposal writing able to create excellent content to earn high marks by evaluators. On the other hand, our proposal development consulting teams are always committed to every deadline and organize efficient meetings to effectively support our proposal writing teams through the entire bidding process.

With our proposal consulting services you will

always overcome competition.

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Capture Management Proposal Development Consulting

Agencies Served

Since 2009, GDI Consulting has been providing proposal and technical writing services to our clients for many Federal agencies and almost all industries from IT and cybersecurity, to defense, Veterans Affairs, health, manufacturing, management and staffing, security and education.