Advisory and Assistance Services for Space Systems Command Space Domain Awareness and Combat Power Battle Management Command Control and Communications

Solicitation Summary

The US Space Force, Space Systems Command has a requirement for Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) to include Space Domain Awareness and Combat Power (SDA/CP) and Battle Management Command, Control, and Communications (BMC3) (also known as Hemisphere).

The contract rsulting from Hemisphere solicitation under which SSC could pursue five task orders for industry to aid SSC in weapons’ development and sustainment. This is intended as part of U.S. Space Force plans to establish the Space Digital Ecosystem and iNtegration (SpaceDEN), which will be a multi-level security, digital engineering ecosystem for high fidelity modeling, simulation and analysis services to identify requirements to deter threats.

Solicitation in a Nutshell



Agency Department of the Air Force – U.S. Space Force – Space Systems Command (SSC)
Solicitation Number FA881923R1000
Status Pre-RFP
Solicitation Date 03/2024 (Estimate)
Award Date 06/2024 (Estimate)
Contract Ceiling Value $2,500,000,000
Solicitation Number FA881923R1000
Competition Type Full and Open / Unrestricted
Partial Small Bus Set-Aside
Type of Award IDIQ – MAC
Primary Requirement Engineering, Scientific and Technical Services
Duration 1 year(s) base plus 9 x 1 year(s) option(s)
Contract Type Firm Fixed Price,Cost Plus Fixed Fee,Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity
No. of Expected Awards 10
NAICS Code(s):
Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences (except Nanotechnology and Biotechnology)
Size Standard: 1000 Employees except 1500 Employees for Aircraft, Aircraft Engine and Engine Parts, 1250 Employees for Other Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment and 1300 Employees for Guided Missiles and Space Vehicles, Their Propulsion Units …
Place of Performance:
  • National Capital Region
  • Vandenberg Space Force Base, California, United States
  • Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, United States
  • Arlington, Virginia, United States (Pentagon)
  • Gilbert, Arizona, United States
Opportunity Website: https://sam.gov/opp/441954e124b74d40b85ec377524e56ab/view


The purpose of the HEMISPHERE solicitation is to acquire Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) for the Space Systems Command (SSC) Space Domain Awareness & Combat Power (SDACP) and Battle Management 5 Command, Control & Communications (BMC3) Program Executive Offices under a Multiple Award 6 Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract called Hemisphere.

SSC/SZ-BC provides highly classified Space Situational Awareness (SSA) systems, Defensive and Offensive Space Control (DSC/OSC), and space test range assets to meet current and projected Department of Defense (DoD) operational requirements. Program objectives are to develop, deploy, sustain, and support operations for systems that meet strategic and tactical operational needs. SSC provides unrivaled space systems to ensure survival for both the United States Space Force and our nation.

These systems span the acquisition life cycle from technology development, system development, procurement, integration, developmental and operational test and analysis, training, program protection analysis, sustainment, mission assurance, anomaly resolution, operations, and contract administrative support. This contract will support multiple SSC/SZ-BC programs, as well as various other Air Force and mission partner programs.


  • Provide Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) support to the Space Systems Center (SSC) Space Domain Awareness and Combat Power (SDACP) (SSC/SZ), Battle Management, Command, Control, and Communications (BMC3) (SSC/BC) programs, and their mission partners.
  • Scope will include support for several current and future classified programs. This mission area requires personnel with experience and an in-depth understanding of the environments that include ground, near-space, space, and any system that operates in those environments. SSC/SZ-BC will work with the contractor to meet requirements through deliverable products and level-of-effort support.
    • Life Cycle Acquisition and Sustainment
      • The Contractor shall provide space acquisitions, engineering, operations, and technical advice and assistance for all projects and programs, as required, to support any stage of the acquisition life cycle. The Contractor shall support program acquisition efforts for advanced technology, future concept development, and integration activities. The Contractor shall advise and assist the Government on cost, schedule, and performance matters.
      • The Contractor shall revise or provide draft JCIDS and acquisition documentation to the applicable Government program manager and support the presentation of products to internal and external customers. Documentation shall include but is not limited to, Initial Capability Documents, Interface Control Documents, Capability Development/Production/Requirements Documents, Milestone documentation, Acquisition Strategies, Analysis of Alternatives, Concept of Operations, Memorandums of Agreement/Understanding, Technical/Systems Requirement Documents, Defense Acquisition Board documentation, Technical Evaluations, System Specifications, enabling concepts, training material, briefings, white papers, reports, and analysis results). All Contractor work shall be developed using the latest applicable Government guidance (e.g., MIL-STD).
      • The Contractor shall provide a draft SME-level technical and/or programmatic status report of any individual program or of the portfolio, in coordination with the Government program manager, upon request by the Government.
      • The Contractor shall identify areas of improvement, including acquisition process improvements. The Contractor shall provide actionable, feasible recommendations and execute tasks for reducing risk where appropriate. These recommendations may include technical, organizational, or programmatic changes where appropriate. The Contractor shall assist in building and maintaining a Government risk program, including risk identification, process definition, and detailed technical risk mitigation plans, as required by the Government.
      • The Contractor shall develop, maintain, and update credible, defensible, and replicable cost estimates for all programs in the Division’s portfolio in any phase of the acquisition life cycle as well as perform earned value management analysis and schedule analysis. The Contractor shall support the Government program manager on commitments, obligations, and expenditures of funds. The Contractor shall understand how classified funding is distributed and shall provide PPBE support, to include congressional reporting, fiscal year planning, continuing resolution management, unfunded requirement Space Domain Awareness & Combat Power (SDAC development and submittal, end-of-year funding actions, and Program Objective Memorandum (POM development
      • The Contractor shall maintain awareness of current program schedule, monitor acquisition implementation, report requirement shortfalls, and provide a program assessment based on the identified risks.
      • The Contractor shall advise the Government program manager on technical engagements, to include but not limited to, technical interchange meetings, design reviews, program conferences, video teleconferences, telecons, working groups, and informational meetings. The Contractor shall maintain broad awareness and understanding of all programs and technology development efforts in execution across the applicable portfolio, as required. The Contractor shall lead integrated product teams and working groups and establish customer and Contractor interfaces.
      • The Contractor shall assist the Government to execute source selections subject to FAR 9.505-4. Source selection assistance activities shall include, but are not limited to, coordinating functional meeting requests, developing source selection documentation (e.g., source selection plan, acquisition strategy, non-disclosure agreements, non-compete clauses, etc.), and reviewing and drafting proposal evaluations, to the extent that such activities are not inherently governmental.
      • The Contractor shall provide technical and operational insight to support mission protection, operations, and mission data assessments. The Contractor shall assist the Government to resolve technical anomalies. The Contractor shall develop, deliver, review, and evaluate impact analysis, audits, studies, compliance inspections, and readiness reviews.
      • The Contractor shall provide engineering and technical expertise to support ongoing and new/advanced Command and Control (C2) efforts and the Contractor shall integrate those efforts with and into the classified portfolio. The Contractor shall establish a liaison between the Space C2 and Enterprise Ground Services (EGS) program offices and the SSC/SZ-BC classified program offices. Personnel supporting this effort will focus on integrated C2 solutions with Space C2 and EGS spiral increment efforts to ensure seamless integration of the classified portfolio.
      • The Contractor shall provide modeling, simulation, and analysis (MS&A) and architecture development support, including definition and development of Space Protection and Space Control mission area architectures and alternatives (enterprise, mission area, and mission thread products), force packaging, courses of action to be evaluated by various analysis efforts, and validation to determine the effectiveness of architectures and/or alternatives being evaluated. The Contractor shall be proficient in MS&A tools such that they can provide advice and assistance and interpret results.
      • The Contractor shall advise the Government program manager regarding robust software planning and development for a spiral/agile acquisition program.
      • The Contractor shall assist in maintaining a System Safety program, as required, in accordance with appropriate DoD safety instructions and guidance.
      • The Contractor shall provide on-site support at manufacturing facilities, operations centers, and other Contractor facilities, as required, to support the tasks in this contract.
      • The Contractor shall assist the Government on planning and coordinating infrastructure projects and requirements. The Contractor shall lead efforts to establish capabilities at various locations, at both unclassified and classified levels.
    • Cyber Security
      • The Contractor shall provide cyber security support in accordance with DoDI 8500.01. The Contractor shall provide recommendations regarding cyber activities, including techniques, packets, and mission partner responsibilities. The Contractor shall provide cyber security issues and recommendations briefings to the Government, as requested, and facilitate and support cyber security working groups, IPTs, as well as other systems engineering and cyber security-related working groups reviews, and meetings, to include agendas, minutes, presentations and action items.
      • The Contractor shall maintain awareness and manage, as applicable, any program Authority to Operate, Authority to Test, Authority to Connect, as well as the associated Interim Authorities. Th Contractor shall support cyber testing and assessment activities and document findings and corrective actions IAW Federal Information Security Management Act.
    • Executive Acquisition
      • The Contractor shall advise and assist program managers to identify and minimize the likelihood of interface and integration problems. The Contractor shall coordinate and resolve issues and facilitate team communications. Tasks shall include coordinating resolution of program issues and facilitating effective integration of requirements and efforts with other acquisition and sustainment activities. This may include internal system interface issues, as well as external interface issues with multiple Government or mission partner organizations.
      • The Contractor shall incorporate inputs from the force design, operational imperatives, combatant command integrated priority lists, and future force shaping products to deliver recommendations that enhance Government planning and capability.
      • The Contractor shall advise and assist leadership in support of high visibility engagements, commitments, and taskers, to include at the congressional level.
    • Executive Administration and Personnel Management
      • The Contractor shall provide administrative assistance, office management, personnel management, human resources management, and configuration and data management. The Contractor shall assist with managing Government civilian record keeping.
      • The Contractor shall manage travel bookings via the Air/Space Force travel application (i.e., Defense Travel System).
      • The Contractor shall attend and support administration (scheduling, security controls, and/or execution) of meetings and reviews. The Contractor shall develop and maintain schedules using standard Microsoft Suite applications (i.e., Microsoft Project).
      • The Contractor shall provide multimedia and editing support for audiovisual presentations and deliveries.
    • Product Support and Logistics
      • The Contractor shall provide technical support and programmatic assistance to the Product Support Division (SSC/SZP). This support includes systems engineering, architecture development and decision making, integrated logistics planning and execution, acquisition assistance (including contracting, finance, and scheduling activities), and overall product support, as required.
      • The Contractor shall develop and deliver draft product support requirements documents to ensure product support considerations are incorporated into system acquisitions. The Contractor shall develop and refine the product support requirements, which includes working with Government cross functional teams to develop accurate assumptions, capture data, and perform data analysis. Th Contractor shall provide guidance, as required, and conduct assessments to facilitate informed decisions on developing and maturing product support elements and adherence to statutory and regulator directives.
      • The Contractor shall implement and manage support functions required to field and maintain the readiness and operational capability of weapon systems, subsystems, and components. Th Contractor shall provide oversight of the product support functions for fielded systems.
    • Contracting
      • The Contractor shall provide contract and subcontract management support to the Contracts Division (SSC/SZK). The Contractor shall assist Government Contracting Officers and contract specialists in executing various contracting actions, to include advising on requests for proposals, technical evaluations, contract administration, and contract execution to the extent that such activities are not inherently governmental. The Contractor shall provide contracts guidance and determinations and technical and operational leadership for the program and business management teams. The Contractor shall advise all levels of management on contractual rights and obligations, risk avoidance and mitigation, strategy, and problem solving.
      • The Contractor shall advise and assist on management of existing Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity contracts and with development and execution of acquisition strategies for any such follow-on efforts.
    • Test and Operations
      • The Contractor shall advise and assist the Government on test and operations. The Contractor shall provide advisory and assistance support on test documents, planning, events, requirements, and data for Developmental and Operational Testing. The Contractor shall coordinate system level test integration and activities, as appropriate.
      • The Contractor shall provide analytical and operational engineering support to current and future developmental and operational units. The Contractor shall support operational mission planning, mission protection, and anomaly engineering.
      • The Contractor shall provide support for data and signal collection, processing, storage, archiving, analysis, and lessons learned to support test, on-going operations, and future concept developments upon request. The Contractor shall assist with post-mission analysis and report the results of the plan versus execution.
    • Intelligence
      • The Contractor shall develop draft intelligence requirements and staffing packages, provide advisement on intelligence reports, translate program requirements into intelligence needs and requirements, and recommend courses of action to support mission-related activities. The Contractor shall assist the Government with identifying and translating vulnerabilities and deficiencies identified through intelligence products into technical requirements. The Contractor shall coordinate with internal and external stakeholders and organizations and manage multiple schedules to deliver intelligence products.
      • The Contractor shall prepare for threat working groups and intelligence support working group by maintaining awareness of the status of the applicable program(s), the current needs of the program(s), by providing the current update on action items, and by coordinating with the intelligence community to acquire necessary documents and products. The Contractor shall support training programs for intelligence sensitivities and the transition of future programs to operations and sustainment.
      • The Contractor shall utilize acquisition and intelligence community standards and processes to support the program manager in evaluating tradeoffs between cost, schedule, and performance.
    • Facilities
      • The Contractor shall operate and maintain an already built and accredited SCI Facility (SCIF)/SAP Facility (SAPF) for use by Government and Contractor personnel. Detailed requirements, to include information technology, workspaces, desk, offices, networks, and location of the facility will be annotated in the task order.
      • The Contractor shall provide a laboratorial environment with direct connection to multi-level data services (including the Unified Data Library access and National Space Defense Center access). The Contractor shall provide an accredited SAPF and IT infrastructure, including IT network bandwidth to access near-real time classified operational and experimental data feeds and high-performance processing. Detailed requirements, to include information technology, workspaces, desk, offices, networks, and location of the facility will be annotated in the task order.
      • The Contractor shall provide an office workspace facility that meets program requirements with a capacity of 70 personnel. The Contractor shall provide a facility that meets SAPF accreditation requirements. The Contractor shall provide IT infrastructure capable of processing information at multiple TS//SCI and SAP security levels. Detailed requirements, to include information technology, workspaces, desk, offices, networks, and location of the facility will be annotated in the task order.
    • Launch
      • The Contractor shall advise and assist with conceptual launch vehicle comparisons, selection recommendations, and early integration support. These tasks shall include interfacing with the Launch Enterprise (SSC/LE), assisting with new requirement definitions, and recommending changes to existing mission requirements. The Contractor shall facilitate communication between SSC/LE and other Government space vehicles and/or launch system procuring agencies. The Contractor shall maintain insight into launch activities to ensure mission requirements are being addressed.

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