Capture management starts with finding opportunities to fill your opportunity pipeline.

Capture Management

Capture Management is the initial business development and capture solution that comprises a wide range of lead management capabilities, particularly drafted for government contracts and capture management services. It is the key to raising win probability during the critical time between deciding to pursue a government procurement and proposal submission.

Our contract capture managers implement a capture management planning process that will allow your business to compete, win and retain federal government contracts.

Capture Management Services

The main objective of GDI Consulting is to help our clients create innovative solutions that differentiate them from competitors and increase their percentage of win through comprehensive and versatile capture management services.

Our Capture Management Services include:

Capture Opportunities

Capture management starts with capturing opportunities to fill your opportunity pipeline. GDIC is positioned to do that through an agile process that we have mastered over the years of experience. During your initial meeting/phone conversation with our business development staff and contract capture managers, we will discuss the defined objectives and emphasize the winning techniques that will be used during the procedures. From that point on, capture management is everything a company does to raise its P-Win for a contract, regardless of its complexity level, a process that can be summarized in four key steps:

  • Qualify the lead by making sure it fits within the business objectives of the company. If you do not know where you are going, any road can get you there. By qualifying the lead, you make sure it fits with your strategic plan for company growth.
  • Conduct pre-proposal planning to initiate the proposal process with clear objectives and timelines.
  • Guide the proposal process with win themes, financial data, customer intelligence, etc.
  • Secure resources—funding, time, and personnel—to respond effectively.

Capture Managers

The Capture Manager’s plans are often called “campaigns” much as a senior military officer would lay out plans for a victory. Capture Management starts before an anticipated solicitation is even released.

GDI Consulting has the most experienced capture managers with countless successful government contract wins in all industries. After analyzing a solicitation using a detailed approach starting from the statement of work (SOW), our professional government contract capture managers will determine whether there are things that should be revised, and give suggestions in order to improve your chance of winning. This capture management service also includes the assessment of your competitors, their strength and weaknesses, their activities, and progress to help you improve your competitive position.

Capture Consulting

GDI Consulting also offers capture consulting services to help you achieve the highest level of success through rigorous initiatives. Our highly skilled proposal writing experts will assist you through the capturing process to make sure you succeed. GDI Consulting specialists outline the most applicable plans and strategies to raise your P-Win and score highest points.

Capture Management Training

Preparing a persuasive proposal for government contracts requires significant skills, efforts, and experience. We take the necessary actions to properly draft the winning plan. GDIC can guide your Capture Management process. Contact GDIC for Capture Management training or to have us assist in raising the P-Win and competitiveness through effective implementation of strategic proposal development techniques. Choose the most reliable partner for your Next Proposal!

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Agencies Served

Since 2009, GDI Consulting has been providing proposal and technical writing services to our clients for many Federal agencies and almost all industries from IT and cybersecurity, to defense, Veterans Affairs, health, manufacturing, management and staffing, security and education.