Back in the beginning of the civilization, everyone made their own shoe, but after a long while, people realized it would save them valuable time to make a much more productive use of if they “outsource” the shoemaking to a professional Shoesmith with a feasible price. Outsourcing has become a common practice in the recent years. Many successful companies choose to hire competent expert subcontractors to close their projects instead of employing new in-house professionals.  It is considered to be the short path to a successful workflow managing. Staff augmentation is a good strategy that helps enterprises reduce costs, improve performance efficiency and respond more effectively to business objectives.

The decision to add staff to a project comes due to different factors. Depending on required skills in a specific area of expertise, project managers determine what tasks should be outsourced. How you choose to organize your operational activities can highly influence the long-term success of your company.

As in many other market segments, outsourcing proposal writing is often the solution for many firms. The approach to this practice varies based on how the firm decides to organize the work. It can outsource the entire proposal development process or keep a part of proposal preparation to its permanent team.

Before making a decision that can highly impact the reputation of your business, it is better to consider some key factors. A very significant method to determine what part of the work you should outsource is to use the Decision Making Matrix.  The tool will help you identify your tasks’ strategic importance and help you conclude whether you need to control the processes yourself.  In addition, there are also some other important factors that are involved in the decision-making process, including:

 Business Development Objectives

The need for staff augmentation for proposal preparation process depends heavily on the fierceness of the competition. Of course, if you are a company with a large growth objective, outsourcing services will help you handle the workload. Considering your win rate, the proposals you have to prepare and the value of your bidding contracts, you’ll be able to identify the level of efforts you need to perform the work successfully, such as the number of work hours and skills.

Proposal Flow

The chance to have an even flow of proposals is very rare. The federal market reveals RFPs at different times of the year; therefore it’s very hard to predict the proposal timing efforts. If your company bids for larger proposals the best way to manage the workflow throughout the year is to add good proposal writers or consultants to your projects, seeking professional firms.

Skills Availability and Proposal Consulting Groups

Having in-house professionals with sufficient experience and expertise in the proposal development is essential. However, due to lack of resources or great workload, even the most prestigious companies need to augment personnel in order to meet the proposal process.

When selecting your partner company or staff, the decision should be made based on quality, price, and reputation.  Proposal consultants with the right skills that involve high advantage to win lucrative contracts and affordable costs greatly affect the bottom line of your company.

Advantages of Outsourcing Proposal Writing Services

Outsourcing solutions to partner companies or even experienced freelancers can be advantageous in many aspects, including:

Professional service and responsibility – outsourcing proposal effort, will allow you to focus your attention on the tasks at hand and doing what you do best, making money!

Flexibility – Outsourcing certain tasks enables you to continue working even when you are resource-limited and due tight deadlines.

Cost-effective – Outsourcing a project is less expensive than to hire an in-house professional that will only be needed for a short period of time, or until the closure of a deal.

What a blessing it was that majority realized the benefits of outsourcing shoemaking efforts, otherwise, we all were still busy making our own shoe having no time to contribute to mankind progress.