OASIS Plus Webinars Q&A - Series 2

GDI Consulting conducted 3 webinars on OASIS Plus multiple award IDIQ solicitation in November and December, 2022. Below are some of the questions and answers discussed during the webinars in December 2022.

You can watch a replay of those webinars through the links in the Webinars page.

The RFP reads, "For federal contract awards that are not reported in FPDS (e.g. classified contracts), the Offeror may submit the completed Project Verification Form (either from the OSP or Attachment J.P-3) signed by a CO with cognizance over the submitted project." So you can get the J.P-3 filled and signed by the CO and that is enough unless there is a CPARS which does not have classified information in it, in which case you should submit that. We suggest that you ask this question from GSA as well.

You can use active contracts but they must have at least 6 months of performance at the time of proposal submission. Considering the fact that the proposal submission will be sometime in May - July 2023, then any contract that has started in 2022 will probably have the required 6 months. As to the value the you use for calculations, don't look at the obligated value. Look at what is written on the contract for value as well as duration. Example: You are into the 9th month of a 5 year contract with a total value of $10M. You have been paid $400k for the 9 months only. But since it is an ongoing contract, the way you calculate the annual value is by taking the total value ($10M) and dividing it by the total duration (5 years) so in this case the annual value is $2M.

Per L.5.2.1, a purchase order is considered a contract. POs for material will probably not be considered valid QPs because another requirement is that they must be in accordance with FAR Part 37 (i.e. it must be a services contract and not material supply contract). Task Orders are different from Purchase Orders. Per the RFP, you can submit a Collection of Task Orders. But there is no mention of a Collection of Purchase Orders. Best to ask GSA about this.

The NAICS codes show the relevance of your QPs to the Domain you are going after.

If you mean can you ask the Contracting Officer to change the NAICS, Yes if they accept to do it.

These are areas that might be later on added to the domains of OASIS Plus.

You can prove relevancy through submission of the Statement of Work and annotating the proper areas that prove the relevance.

No. This solicitation is replacing the previous OASIS including the one for 8(a) companies. However, when you participate in OASIS Plus as 8(a) and are awarded, then you are given TOs that are only provided to 8(a) companies. Don't forget to submit for the Total Small Business set-aside as well.



Yes but only if a CPARS does not exist.

If you are using a QP in a domain that does not have your NAICS as auto relevant, then you have to show the relevance through the Statement of Work. So for the second domain in your question, you would need to provide proof from the Statement of Work as well as the CLIN structure.

Contract document and Amendments as well as FPDS printouts.

There is no requirement for multiple labor categories, you just get more score if you have 5 or more (for some domains).

Yes 541330 is an auto-relevance NAICS for Technical & Engineering.

Get them to fill out and sign the J.P-6 form that comes with the RFP which his used in lieu of CPARS.

Show in the Statement of Work that the QP is relevant.


Unknown. In the past there have been cases of change.

Yes but you need to get the J.P-6 form filled and signed by the customer.

The form J.P-6 is part of the draft RFP documents.

In lieu of PSC or NAICS relevance, you must show through the Statement of Work as well as the CLIN structure that your project was relevant and the annual value for the relevant CLINs are above the requirements.

1) Annual value of the contract be above the given requirement for that Domain.
2) Be completed within the past 5 years or be active and ongoing with at least 6 months of performance.
3) Have a NAICS/PSC code relevant to the Domain targeting.
4) Have a Past Performance Rating of above satisfactory.

It seems so, if there is no total value set for the contract. Make this a question to GSA.

It is in your CPARS report (if issued) which is available from the said website.

They call them the Cognizant Contracting Officer. That is a CO who is authorized to audit or review your accounting system and then sign the form.

The Excel document "OASIS Plus Domain NAICS Codes and PSCs 9-15-22" lists all the NAICS and PSC codes for each domain. And yes you can have multiple QPs with the same NAICS code for a domain.

No. You can only provide 5 projects for QPs and then based on the domain you are after a few FEPs.

1) Correct
2)No, as long as it is relevant to that domain, it is good to go. All 5 QPs might be focused on one specific area of that domain or might be covering different sub categories. No difference.


Both 541712 and 541715 are auto-relevant NAICS for R&D so they are fully relevant and you don't need to show other docs like SOW to show relevance.


There will be different awards per solicitation (Unrestricted, Total Small Business, 8(a), HUBZone, WOSB, and SDVOSB) and then under each of those there will be different awards for the different domains.




1) Annual value of the contract be above the given requirement for that Domain.
2) Be completed within the past 5 years or be active and ongoing with at least 6 months of performance.
3) Have a NAICS/PSC code relevant to the Domain targeting.
4) Have a Past Performance Rating of above satisfactory.

No, one of them. But they have left it open for you to pick the type of your contract.

This round is for Unrestricted, Total Small Business, 8(a), WOSB, HUBZone, and SDVOSB.



Yes, as far as the Government is concerned, you can use 5 different TOs under the same IDIQ as the 5 QPs.

You have to show some kind of contract document that shows the different staff involved and their tasks that correspond to labor categories.

Our understanding is yes.

Under the QP scoring, proper NAICS is needed only under the sub-factor of Relevance and Past Performance but not for other factors.

If it is under the same domain and same solicitation (e.g. Unrestricted), No. Only one entity with an MRCL can participate. But if the domain is different or the set-aside is different, then you can participate. Note that here the issue is not using the same past performance; they are restricting the participation of the entity itself.

In essence you do not prepare any volumes. You upload to Symphony per the required way and Symphony arranges the documentation per the paragraph system mentioned.

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