Select Federal RFPs – January 12, 2018

Select Federal RFPs – January 12, 2018


NAICS Code 23: Construction

Facilities Maintainers

Solicitation Number: W912P918B0006

Agency: Department of the Army

Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Location: USACE District St. Louis

NAICS Code: 237 — Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction/237990 — Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

Set Aside: Total Small Business

Alter Maintenance Dock

Solicitation Number: FA4417-18-R-0002

Agency: Department of the Air Force

Office: Air Force Special Operations Command

Location: 1 SOCONS- Hurlburt

NAICS Code: 236 — Construction of Buildings/236220 — Commercial and Institutional Building Construction

Set Aside: Total Small Business

 NAICS Code 31-33: Manufacturing

F118 Front Frame Overhaul

Solicitation Number: FA8122-18-R-0003

Agency: Department of the Air Force

Office: Air Force Materiel Command

Location: PK/PZ Tinker AFB

NAICS Code: 336 — Transportation Equipment Manufacturing/336412 — Aircraft Engine and Engine Parts Manufacturing


 NAICS Code 51: Information Finance and Insurance

Scalable Modular Data Center (SMDC)

Solicitation Number: FA5587-17-R-0016

Agency: Department of the Air Force

Office: US Air Force Europe

Location: 48 CONS/LGC – Lake Heath

NAICS Code: 517 — Telecommunications/517919 — All Other Telecommunications

 NAICS Code: 531 — Real Estate

Housing Development Opportunity at NASA Ames Research Center

Solicitation Number: 9PZ-HOUSING-NARC-CA01748S

Agency: General Services Administration

Office: Public Buildings Service (PBS)

Location: Property Disposal Division (47PK04)

NAICS Code: 531 — Real Estate/531110 — Lessors of Residential Buildings and Dwellings

NAICS Code 54: Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

Region 1 Law Enforcement Liaison (LEL)

Solicitation Number: 693JJ918R000016

Agency: Department of Transportation

Office: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Location: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration HQ

NAICS Code: 541 — Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services/541611 — Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services


NAICS Code 56: Administrative & Support & Waste

Detention Facility – Eastern District of New York

Solicitation Number: 15M40018RA3500001

Agency: Department of Justice

Office: United States Marshals Service

Location: Prisoner Operations Division

NAICS Code: 561 — Administrative and Support Services/561210 — Facilities Support Services

WV Panhandle PSO Services

Solicitation Number: 70RFP318RE3000001

Agency: Department of Homeland Security

Office: Office of the Chief Procurement Officer

Location: Office of Procurement Operations, Federal Protective Service

NAICS Code: 561 — Administrative and Support Services/561612 — Security Guards and Patrol Services

NAICS Code 62: Health Care & Social Assistance

Q–South Sound CBOC extend RFP

Solicitation Number: VA26017R0141

Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs

Office: Boise VAMC

Location: Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center

NAICS Code: 621 — Ambulatory Health Care Services/621498 — All Other Outpatient Care Centers


NAICS Code: 811 — Repair and Maintenance

Surgical Instrument Maintenance Program

Solicitation Number: FA442718R0001

Agency: Department of the Air Force

Office: Air Mobility Command

Location: 60th CONS

NAICS Code: 811 — Repair and Maintenance/811219 — Other Electronic and Precision Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Status Post-RFP

Solicitations issued by State of California (Bid Document upon request).

  • FRP#37234096, for 2018 Street lighting Program, Design and Contract Administration Services: NAICS 5413, City of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Response Date January 31, 2018.
  • RFP Comprehensive User Fee Study and Full Cost Allocation Plan: NAICS 5416, City of Watsonville, California, Response Date February 2, 2018.
  • RFP# 2000001520, ACTUARIAL VALUATION AND CONSULTING SERVICES: NAICS 5419, Los Angeles County, California – Los Angeles Unified School District, Response Date February 05, 2018.
  • RFP# C36620, THE CITY OF PALM DESERT AQUATICS CENTER— MANAGEMENT & OPERATIONS CONTRACT: NAICS 5416, City of Palm Desert, California, Response Date February 12, 2018.
  • RFP# 8-915-028, Comprehensive 2-1-1 Information and Referral Services: NAICS 5416, El Dorado County, California, Response Date February 12, 2018.
  • RFP City works Software Implementation and Support Services: NAICS 5415, CITY OF WATSONVILLE, CA, and Response Date February 20, 2018.
  • RFP# CJS-2018-01-CD, Study of Veterans Needs and Treatment Courts: NAICS 5416, State of California – Judicial Council of California, Response Date February 23, 2018.
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