USMC Professional Support Services For MCWL/FD

US Marine Corps Professional Support Services For The Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory Futures Division (MCWL/FD)

Solicitation in a Nutshell:



Agency:Department of the Navy – United States Marine Corps
Office:Marine Corps Installation Command – Marine Corps Base Quantico
Solicitation Number:M00264-19-R-0014
Due Date:November 20, 2019 12:00 pm EST
NAICS Codes:541611 — Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
Contract Vehicle:NA
Contract Period:5 Yr. Total – 1 Yr. Base & 4 x 1 Yr. Option Period(s)
Type of Contract and Award:CR, FFP, T&M/Definitive Contract
Number of Awards:Undetermined
Contract Value:$68,000,000
Set-Aside:Total Small Business
Due Date & Time:November 5, 2019
Facility Clearance:Top Secret
Summary:This requirement is to provide a full range of engineering, analytical, technical, and business services. The application of talent and experience through skillful resourcing will support the development of new or existing operational concepts, tactics, techniques, procedures and technologies to prepare Marines for combat. This effort is critical as MCWL/FD feeds the combat development process.

The methodology by which the combat development process is accomplished is iterative, non-linear and continuously cyclical. As MCWL/FD responds to growing requirements for experimentation and analysis of existing or emerging science and technologies, applying streamlined acquisition techniques and the support of experts and industry partners to achieve operational goals is vital and challenging. MCWL/FD requires a solution that is comprehensive yet flexible based upon depth of knowledge and experience. Such solutions must consider an integrated technical and management approach demonstrating vision, depth of capabilities and flexibility in responding to a changing environment. Performance of tasks within this PWS will require individualized dedicated support to respective subordinate divisions and across one or more elements of the command.

Tasks encompass the spectrum of business operations, research, engineering, experimentation, technical analysis, and program management. While the core services required under the scope of this contract are known, incidental task requirements may develop during the course of contract performance.


Performance of tasks will require dedicated support to respective subordinate divisions and staff sections or across one or more elements of the command. Supported elements of the command are the Concepts and Plans Division, Experiment Division, and the command staff sections, G1, G3, G6 and G7.

The scope includes the performance of independent research, analysis, administrative and technical tasks and writing of varying complexity which requires technical knowledge, skill, and/or experience in developing concept ideas and to observe and control testing and evaluation of experimental objectives and associated sub-objectives. Scope includes compiling, managing, and/or performing data collection and preparing, facilitating, and organizing briefs and reports. Scope also includes participation in meetings and/or conferences and coordination and/or participation in forums related to and in support of identified task(s).

  1. Business Administration Support – The contractor shall provide technical and functional support to a myriad of business administrative actions necessary to support the robust operations plan of the command.  Support ranges from security access visit submission, access verification, travel requests, travel claims, budget analysis and preparation, facilitation or coordination for planning or working group meetings, the preparation of briefs and other working documents and facilitating an enabled workforce with government supplied equipment or computer programs/applications. Support in these areas rest mainly within the command staff sections G1, G6, G7 and Experiment Division.
  2. Operations Support – The contractor shall provide technical and functional support in facilitating the operations and campaign plan of the command as well the development of naval, joint, multi-service, and multi-national concepts/concepts of operation, and support for Strategic Analysis products in order to guide other force development activities.  This is accomplished via a network of highly experienced liaisons at strategic locations, public affairs management, knowledge management, information and operations managers and analysis of operations and experimentation events and results and concepts planners and analysts.  These tasks fall within the purview of the command G3 and the Concepts and Plans division.
  3. Experimentation Support – The contractor shall provide technical and functional support in providing or facilitating live-force experiments in field environments both CONUS and OCONUS, often in conjunction with operating force exercises.  Experiments will be executed in accordance with exercise schedules requiring extended hours of up to 24 hour coverage.  Tasks may need to be executed aboard military vehicles, ships and aircraft. Subject matter expertise not mere knowledge is the key to success in experimentation planning and execution.  It is required in each warfighting enabler, i.e., communications, logistics, weapons, aviation, ground operations both manned and unmanned, fires and maneuver and more across the Marine Air Ground Task Force.  Experienced contract experimentation planners and project managers will advise upon and use modeling and simulation as tools to first develop, then manage, review, analyze, assess and report experimentation results.  The contractor will capture experimentation results in the Fleet Information Management System or other repositories.  As an adjunct task to this contract the contractor may be required to provide an opposition force cadre as real-time actors in live-force experimentation events with latitude for innovation and use of commercial off the shelf, foreign or domestic technologies.  The contractor is solely responsible for leading, managing, training, educating and equipping the opposition force.
Background:MCWL/FD was created in 1995 and from inception evolved with a focus on experimentation and a broader mandate to develop the future vision and mapping of future capabilities for the Marine Corps through use of research in technologies, development of concepts, experimentation and wargaming, It does this by analyzing the future operating environment and seeking out opportunities to innovate, experiment and wargame emerging concepts and Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel and Facilities (DOTMLPF) solutions to enhance Marine Corps readiness and relevance through operational success. The following division and staff sections will be supported in the execution of this contract.

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Solicitation Package Page:USMC Pro. Support Services For MCWL/FD

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