RTES supports the Aviation Flight Test Directorate, Missiles and Sensors Directorate, Environmental and Component Test Directorate and the Test Program Integration Directorate.

The Department of the Army, U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC), US Army Redstone Test Center (RTC), has a requirement for a variety of test and engineering services to include: General Engineering and Scientific Support, Flight Test Engineering, Missile and Sensors Systems, Subsystems, and Component Support, Environmental, Climatic and Dynamic and Electromagnetic Support, Modeling and Simulation, Instrumentation and Aviation support, Technical Test Support, Test Range/Facility Operations Support and Development of Test Technology.

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Solicitation in a Nutshell:



Agency:The Department of the Army, U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC)
Office:US Army Redstone Test Center (RTC)
Solicitation Number:W91CRB-21-R-0030
NAICS Codes:NAICS Code: 541715 – Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences
Contract Vehicle:RTES
Contract Period:Seven (7) Years
Type of Contract and Award:IDIQ – Agency Specific
Number of Awards:TBD
Contract Value:$990,000,000
Set-Aside:Total Small Business
Due Date & Time:TBD
Facility Clearance:Top Secret Facility Clearance
Summary:The scope of work includes:

  • Major Mission Areas
    • Environmental and Component Test
    • Missiles and Sensor Test
    • Aviation Flight Test
  • Engineering, Scientific, and Technical Direct Test Support
  • Test Operations Support
  • Quality Management and Continuous Process Improvement
  • Configuration Management
  • Business Management and Administrative Support

The evaluation will be accomplished utilizing the listed five (5) evaluation factors: Experience, Contract Administration and Management, Environmental/Safety/Quality/Process Improvement, Past Performance, and Cost/Price.

Submission Package

  • Volume 1 – Factor 1: Experience 25
  • Volume 2 – Factor 2: Contract Administration and Management
  • Volume 3 – Factor 3: Environmental/Safety/Quality/Process Improvement
  • Volume 4 – Factor 4: Past Performance
  • Volume 5 – Factor 5: Cost/Price
  • Volume 6 – Solicitation, Offer and Award Documents and N/A Certifications/Representations

Offeror must meet the minimum requirement of demonstrating two (2) years of experience (occurring within the past 7 years) in the nine (9) Mission Support Requirements, which are tied directly to subtask areas. The prime contractor or the managing partner of any joint venture must demonstrate a minimum of two (2) years of experience (occurring within the past 7 (seven) years) in at least two of the Mission Support Requirements.

All contracts submitted by the prime contractor or the managing partner of any joint venture in response to the Experience Factor must have a total value of at least $40M a year over a two year period. Meeting this dollar threshold can be achieved via a combination of contracts. However, the contracts must have been performed concurrently over the given timeframe.

Scope:RTC requires contract support personnel for engineering and test services across all directorates and divisions. These services will perform a wide variety of tasks related to the Test and Evaluation programs at RTC. Redstone Test and Engineering Services (RTES) is a requirement to procure specialized personnel, materials, and expertise to help support RTC’s mission. Services shall be performed primarily at RSA in Huntsville, Alabama. Temporary duty support may be required at other locations in the Continental United States (CONUS) and Outside CONUS (OCONUS). The capacity in which these test and engineering support functions will operate are crucial and essential to RTC and its mission to support the Warfighter. The Contractor shall possess the proper training, certifications, and experience commensurate with the work they will perform, and level of responsibility they will exercise. This effort shall be consistent across all the RTC commodity directorates and support functions relative to RTC operations, and includes labor, supplies, equipment, materials, and transportation incidental to activities
Accomplishment of the results contained in this PWS requires work primarily at RSA, Alabama and at various Contractor, Subcontractor, and Government facilities (mainly in the continental United States). RTC is engaged in temporary duty testing at sites throughout the CONUS, as well as OCONUS. Temporary duty locations for testing depend on the mission requirements and are not known for the duration of the contract, but locations will not include combat zones.
Background:Redstone Test Center (RTC) is one of the DODs premier test facilities supporting both military and commercial materiel developers by testing a broad spectrum of equipment throughout the life cycle, from concept through deployment. RTC is designated as a DOD lead agency for aviation, missiles and sensor testing. Test services are provided to ensure the safety, performance, and reliability of military hardware and embedded software in their operational environment. RTC strives to provide the best technical results for the customer’s dollar, Test programs are optimized with the best combination and sequence of testing, modeling and simulation. RTC’s strength lies in the highly skilled workforce dedicated to the purpose of providing the safest and most effective weapons systems possible to the soldiers in the field. RTC supports the Nation’s Warfighter by providing the most flexible, responsive, innovative and diverse set of test capabilities, assets and services in its mission area throughout the Army. RTC is committed to staying on the cutting edge of aviation, missiles, sensors, systems, subsystems and components test and evaluation.

Solicitation Documents:

Solicitation Package Page:RTES on SAM.gov

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