The ultimate goal of every business that is part of Federal market is to be able to become a government contractor. Given that these opportunities have been quite productive for a business, and increase development chances, companies make every effort to prepare convincing proposals and respond adequately to request for proposal solicitations. To do this you need to submit a winning product, and a winning proposal is not such without win themes. Your company should secure an entire team that will handle a variety of tasks, and by collaborating together they’ll be able to develop a successful project.

The team must consist of experienced capture managers, business analysts, proposal coordinators, technical, professional writers and reviewers. Depending on the complexity of the contract, additional assistance might be needed.

Now that you have a team, proficient and competent, get started. Read the request for proposal and obtain the right resources to start developing your strategy. After collecting the information you need to begin building your plan, focus on developing a solution that attracts the imagination of the decision makers. Find the appropriate means to present your business capabilities adequately, describe your strengths, emphasize your discriminators and try to convey your message effectively. The secret is to convince the evaluators to prefer you amongst all your competitors, and you can only do that by demonstrating what differentiates you.

Writing proposals for Federal and local Government contract opportunities encompasses a challenging process that requires, time, effort and experience in government procurements. Various practices and several teams that address different issues and work on different aspects for different purposes are needed. Every part of the proposal is important, but, Win Themes are of a particular significance.

What are Win Themes?

Professional proposal coordinators in close collaboration with development teams dedicate the right time to determine your discriminators, present features and demonstrate the direct benefits for the use of Government. They explain the importance of the benefits that their solution brings for the agency that is buying your goods or services. After all, contracts are mechanisms used by the Government to achieve wanted results in exchange of monetary means.

Win themes are short, appealing, and customer-focused stories that convey the message of your company effectively. It is the ability to develop prominent, unique approaches, and ideas, and briefly explain your business capabilities. Win themes are about providing sufficient evidence to support the strengths and discriminators that you have presented in your proposal.

Why are they important?

Excellent organizational skills are one of the most important qualities every proposal team must have. That’s why a project leader is essential to guarantee a successful development process. If you identify correctly what your customer needs and address them appropriately in your solution, you’ll be able to develop appealing themes that will impressively increase your winning chances.

By implementing win themes you’ll be able to:

  • stay focused during the capturing process; plan comprehensively the strategy of your proposal;
  • catch the attention of reviewers;
  • demonstrate your overall understanding of the minor and major issues presented in the RFP, and consequently, give enough evidence that you have the capabilities to provide the best solution;
  • help you develop the perfect solution; explain why you’re different and why the evaluators should choose you.

Essentially, win themes convey the value of your proposal. They transform technical proposals into compliant and appealing ones.