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Why You Need A Business and Market Assessment As A Government Contractor

Every business should conduct an assessment of itself and its marketplace to ensure it can achieve the company’s goals, and have sustainable growth.

As a government contractor, a business assessment will help your organization better understand its strengths and weaknesses, as well as your core capabilities. However, you also need to map your capabilities to government needs.

To map your capabilities to government needs you need a government market assessment. Whether your target audience is a specific government agency or agencies with similar needs, a government marketing assessment complements the business assessment by laying the foundation for a business development / capture plan and marketing plan. This is where you develop an understanding what your government customers want and why, as well as how your company measures-up against the competition.

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Business Assessment Services for Government Contractors

To conduct an effective business assessment, a company needs to honestly and objectively review its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). The best way to do this as a government contractor is to use an impartial third party that is knowledgeable about the industry. This way, you get the most accurate review of where your business stands and how you can best compete for government contracts.

As part of our service, we review and analyze your:


These are positive qualities that can give something an advantage.


These are critical properties that may be detrimental.


These are (a number of) circumstances that can bring potential benefits.


These are (a number of) circumstances that can make a negative contribution to the intended goal.

Market Research and Assessment Services

GDIC provides market assessment and industry analysis services to assist our clients identify, analyze, qualify, and comprehend the Government contracts opportunities.

We can guide you in this critical market analysis, including how to obtain good intelligence on competitors, the value of similar contracts, and developing a strategy to drive up your P-Win. Our exceptional experienced market research analysts will help you identify the pros and cons of entering into a new or existing market.

Essential custom market research for industry analysis and assessment services that our company provides are:

Opportunity Identification

Our agents are one step ahead when it comes to targeting bid opportunities and advantageous government contracts. We make sure that your company gets early notified about upcoming opportunities.

Market Analysis

We conduct thorough research analysis of federal government, state and business market sector to be able to accurately inform our clients about the buying process of agencies and offices.

Capability and Target Analysis

During this phase of the market research assessment our experts balance core competencies of your company in contrast to market requirements. The finding results will help you to improve organizational structure and capabilities to increase your P-WIN.  With our target analysis we help you identify your winning chance and tell you up front if you are qualified and have a high p-win to successfully pursue an opportunity.

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