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GDI Consulting complies with Shipley color-coded review process to provide proposal writing review services in order to improve the quality of our clients’ competitive response. Depending on the size (number of pages) and the time available from proposal kickoff to proposal submission, proposal teams will use one or more reviews prior to submission, including Pink Team, Red Team, Gold Team, and White Glove

(Note: other review schemes may be used). The size of the bid, its criticality to the company, and the Capture Manager will determine what reviews are appropriate for each proposal.

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Color Team Review for Successful Proposals

GDIC, as part of her proposal experience, has extensive experience in achieving maximum value from proposal reviews. An effective review can change a losing proposal into a winner.

Pink Team

Pink Team Review

Pink Team review is the review of the first proposal draft. Proposal managers must adapt review expectations depending on the proposal. Through this review process, our experts assess whether the draft proposal is in agreement with the RFP and is properly settled to ensure company’s performance goals are met. Our Pink Team is a group of experienced and talented reviewers capable to document problems and recommend smart solutions.

Red Team

Red Team Review

The Red Team Review is the classic and most critical content review of the near-final proposal. In reality, at Red Team, most proposals are only 90% to 95% complete, and Red Team reviews should be scheduled far enough in advance of the submission date to allow for necessary corrections and revisions. If the first Red Team does not go well, and when time permits, a second Red Team Review may be scheduled.

Gold Team

Gold Team Review

Gold Team review is also considered as the last chance review. It is almost pre-submission quality with all the features well structured, including content and graphics. Our exceptional Gold Team reviewers focus on discriminators and high level win themes by defining features of the technical proposal that are considered key to winning the contract. Basically, our Gold Team Review ensures that the proposal is positioned to win.

White Glove 

White Glove Review

The White Glove Review is a generally a visual page by page review to detect errors in printing, layout flaws and other document imperfections. Our White Teams primarily focus on compliance items and make sure that corrections from other team reviews, especially Red, were appropriately done. Our expert-level comments and suggestions can save you time and effort, and help you submit incomparable proposal.

Apart from our main color team reviews, we also provide some additional review schemes, including:

  • Black Hat – Competitive Assessment Review
  • Green Team  -Pricing Review
  • Blue Team – Win Strategy Review

Let GDIC help guide this critical review for the best results.

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