GDIC Service Plans for GSA's OASIS Plus Solicitation

GDIC offers federal government contractors interested in taking part in GSA's OASIS Plus solicitation a range of services under distinct plans. These plans cover the whole proposal lifecycle and can be tailored to the requirements of every client. Below you can read a summary description of each plan that will help you take part in this unique federal government opportunity.

Plan A:
Eligibility Assessment

GDI Consulting is providing a preliminary eligibility assessment service to help companies in their decision to enter OASIS Plus solicitation. This service will also give you a better idea of how to go about partnering with other companies for this opportunity.

What you will be provided:

  • A probable score based on your responses to the questionnaire
  • Recommendations as to how to optimize/increase your score
  • Recommendations on partnering and in which areas to concentrate
  • Recommendations about whether you should proceed with full proposal development or not

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Cost: $490.00 per domain

Plan B:
Full Proposal Development

With full proposal development, GDI Consulting takes the responsibility of preparing a winning OASIS Plus proposal based on the projects and other qualifications you have in one or more domains. The initial phase will include these tasks:

  • Initiantion and kikoff
  • Document collection and inventorization
  • Data extraction from documents
  • Populating our proprietary Automated OASIS Plus Scoring Matrix with the data
  • Optimizing and Maximizing the Score

Next, we will present you a Readiness Assessment Report and hold a strategy session with your team. This will lead to the next phase, which is final proposal preparation. A Red Team Compliance Review will follow and corrections applied. Then a second review will be done before closing the proposal and submission through Symphony.

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Plan C:
Proposal Review & Submission

GDI Consulting offers a Red Team Review and Submission service for those companies working on the OASIS Plus proposal development in-house or using other consultants. In summary, this plan includes the following services:

  • Red Team Compliance Reviews
  • Conduct 1st Round of Review
  • Perform Corrections
  • Conduct 2nd Round of Review
  • Perform Corrections and Finalize
  • Submission to Symphony

Our Red Team compliance review checks every document to make sure the scores are adequately substantiated. Then a corrections checklist is created to further optimize your score. after the corrections are applied a second round of review is conducted to finalize the proposal. At the final stage, the proposal is submitted through Symphony.

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GDI Consulting OASIS Plus Services Flow Chart

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