The 8(a) Streamlined Technology Application Resource for Services (STARS) III is a Government-wide Acquisition contract type. This upcoming opportunity is due on the 6th of September 2019 and has a solicitation number as follows: 47QTCH-19-N-0001. The period of the contract however is determined as being a total of 10 years. The aim of this contract is to provide IT service based solutions including primary and necessary support to IT services before purchase. This is a multiple award contract which is also defined by being of an indefinite delivery and quantity (MA-IDIQ).

Only prime contractors that are qualified as 8(a) Small Business Administration (SBA) can be granted the award, upon provision of a competitive and sensible price.

The number of awards on this contract still remains unknown, however the contract value is set from an undetermined amount to $12,000,000,000. The aim of this contract is to help grow and expand emerging technologies (ET) as well as provide IT service based solutions world-wide to all federal government agencies. The contract itself is divided into six areas based on function, also known as (FAs).

The first one includes custom computer programming services, the second one relates to computer system design services. The third FA includes computer facilities management services while the fourth FA deals with other computer related services. The fifth and sixth FA deal respectively with data processing, hosting, and related services and lastly emerging technology-focused IT services.

GDIC support

There are currently 10 ITECS solicitation documents available at our GDIC website as part of STARS III Draft RFP solicitation package. Those documents provide relevant information for small businesses, large businesses, document verifications as well as Q&A for industry day on draft. Our professional staff here at GDIC has multiple years of experience and relevant knowledge related to federal IT proposals as well as contract management for the government. We helped clients win STARS II, and are specialized in this line of solicitations. You can trust GDIC to help you participate in IT solicitations such as STARS III in directing your company through any information technology related business and grant capturing process.

In case you are preparing your proposal in-house, our team will provide color team reviews as part of STARS III 8(a) proposal support. This service, in compliance with the Shipley color-coded process of reviewing a document, will ensure that your proposal will have the utmost quality in all sectors from grammar and spell check to winning strategy solutions.

In addition, the service category for the Star III 8(a) solicitation includes our analytical practice called Price-to-Win, enabling you to determine the most reasonable price range for your solicitation.

To obtain more relevant information on this topic, refer to STARS III 8(a) page, and watch our STARS III 8(a) Webinar. You might also find our article on the topic “First Step before Bidding on Government Contracts” useful to read. Alternatively, if you wish to be more thorough, you can contact us and one of our STARS III experts will provide you with more details.